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Our ref: 26252811
Date: 30 September 2021
Freedom of Information Act 2000
Dear Beth
This request is being handled under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. Please 
accept my apologies for the delay.
I would like some information around Emergency Duty Team foster carers in your 
authority. Please could you offer any details regarding the following questions:

1. What is the model of delivery / how do you ensure cover?
2. How do you incentivise foster carers to take teenagers?
3. Your standard weekly rate (excluding child allowance)? 

1. What is the model of delivery/ how do you ensure cover?
The Emergency Carer Scheme is a provision unique to our Independent Fostering 
Agency and Birmingham Children’s Trust.  It is comprised of a team of dedicated 
foster carers who provide care in emergency situations during the day and night 
for some of most vulnerable children and young people ranging 0 – 18 years.  
There are four experienced foster carers who offer up to eight placements in 
emergency situations from midday onwards Monday to Fridays and at any time 
during the weekend.  Once in emergency care, searches continue until alternative 
placements are secured so that children are not left in emergency placements for 
more than 72 hours.  Should a child/young person be placed on the weekend then 
the 72 hours will commence from the following Monday or Tuesday if it is a bank 
There is a rota in place to ensure cover at all times and there is a minimum of 
three emergency foster carers on duty for a period of two weeks.  Annual leave is 
booked in advance
Birmingham Children's Trust 
PO Box 17342
B2 2DW
Tel: 0121 303 5161 (select Option 2)
Email: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx

In times of high demand, short term carers with vacancies are approached to join 
the scheme and the child will remain with them on a short-term basis as opposed 
to being moved after 72 hours.
2. How do you incentivise foster carers to take teenagers?
We incentivise foster carers to take teenagers by:
• Desirable and competitive fees and allowances.
• 8 weeks paid ‘rest’ time.
• 2 weeks fees paid if carer off sick.
• Ongoing support, advice and guidance from Emergency Carer Supervising 
Social Worker and Senior Practitioner with Emergency Carer lead role.
• Minimum of six weekly supervision and support visits and calls when 
• Bimonthly emergency carer support group.
• Training Courses/ Learning and development opportunities.
3. Your standard weekly rate (excluding child allowance) ?
The first element is a basic, inclusive fee at a lower rate than the current level 
which would be paid all year round for providing placements for two children, 
unless a carer was unavailable for over 6 weeks: £432 per week – 52 weeks.
The second element is an additional fee therefore an increased rate which would 
be paid when there was a child/ren placed £150 per child – pro-rata per night up 
to 50% of the week and over 50% the full fee would be paid.
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I will now close your request as of this date.
Yours sincerely
Alison Williamson
Customer Relations Service Officer
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