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Dear Department of Health,

the NHS Choices webpage has been updated and the 'emc Medicine Guides' are no longer available. Please provide copies of correspondence relating to this decision.

Yours faithfully,

Steve Hinks

Steve Hinks left an annotation ()

the medicine guides are still available at the following address but removal from the NHS Choices webpage appears to be a conscious decision to deny parents of the opportunity to make an informed choice when deciding on suitability of a medication eg vaccines. The NHS Choices web page is totally diluted down on the side effects and precuations for vaccines http://www.medicines.org.uk/guides/

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Our ref: DE00000760838 
Dear Mr Hinks,
Thank you for your FOI request of 17 February 2013.  I have been asked to

Please find the full response attached.

Yours sincerely,
Catherine Assheton-Stones
Freedom of Information
Department of Health

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