Email correspondence relating to the QMUL Inclusion Report

Tom Barringer made this Freedom of Information request to Queen Mary University of London

This request has been closed to new correspondence. Contact us if you think it should be reopened.

The request was partially successful.

Dear Queen Mary University of London,

This request is in relation to a previous request I have made, FOI 2020/F457 (“Reports on QMUL's equality, diversity and inclusion practices”). This request can be viewed here:

This request can be understood as what previously was Part 2 of FOI 2020/F457, but with the scope narrowed. It concerns the document published following FOI 2020/F457 (“the Inclusion Report”).

Please publish any email correspondence by any QMUL staff member who is a member of the EDI steering group, College Council or the Senior Executive Team, which relates to:

1. The decision not to circulate the Inclusion Report among QMUL employees when it was first sent to the University
2. The decision to publish a modified version of this report among QMUL employees in a bulletin on roughly 2020-11-11
3. The decision not to include page 29 onward of the Inclusion Report as published in FOI 2020/F457 (i.e. the decision not to include the focus group summaries and comments) within the 2020-11-11 modified version.

Yours faithfully,

Tom Barringer

Dear Queen Mary University of London,

I would like to remind you of my request "Email correspondence relating to the QMUL Inclusion Report". By law, QMUL should have normally responded promptly and by 21st January 2021.

Yours faithfully,

Tom Barringer

QM FOI Enquiries, Queen Mary University of London

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FOI 2020/F521


Dear Tom Barringer,


Thank you for your email of 18^th December 2020. Please accept our
apologies for the slight delay in responding.


Please find attached the information you requested. Some of the
information consisting mainly of names and contact details of some staff
and the external party who produced the Inclusion Report (or information
that would reveal these individuals/information about them) has been
withheld/redacted under s.40(2) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 by
virtue of s.40(3A)(a). This is personal data of those individuals. Since
we do not have the consent of the individuals and it would not be within
their reasonable expectations that this information would be disclosed in
to the public domain, we believe this would breach the first data
protection principle. The Information Commissioner states, “If disclosure
would not be fair or transparent, you must not disclose the
information”(1). This is an absolute exemption.


If you are dissatisfied with this response, you may ask QMUL to conduct a
review of this decision.  To do this, please contact the College in
writing (including by fax, letter or email), describe the original
request, explain your grounds for dissatisfaction, and include an address
for correspondence.  You have 40 working days from receipt of this
communication to submit a review request.  When the review process has
been completed, if you are still dissatisfied, you may ask the Information
Commissioner to intervene. Please see [1] for details.

Yours sincerely


Paul Smallcombe

Records & Information Compliance Manager





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