Email addresses for Royal Mail customer-facing departments

The request was successful.

Dear Royal Mail Group Limited,

The Royal Mail website does not publish any email addresses, despite this being a legal requirement under the E-Commerce Regulations.

Please could you supply me with a list of all functional email role addresses which may be used to contact relevant customer facing departments within Royal Mail.

To clarify, by "customer facing" I mean any department (such as sales, customer service, accounts, etc) which an ordinary domestic or business customer may routinely need to contact. By "role addresses" I mean addresses which address a named department or team (such as sales @ or customerservice @ rather than addresses of named individuals (such as john.smith @

Alternatively, if such addresses are published, please could you provide me with the URL of the location where they are published on the web.

In order to fulfil this request, you should note that the provision of an online contact form (as supplied on the Royal mail website) does not constitute an email address and is not considered to fulfil the requirements of the E-Commerce Regulations.

Yours faithfully,

Mark Goodge

Royal Mail Group Limited

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Dear Mr. Goodge

Thank you for your request for information received on 18/08/2010, which
we are considering under the Freedom of Information Act. Under the Act
you should expect a reply from us to be sent by 16/09/2010, which is
twenty working days from receipt of your request.

If for any reason we are unable to provide you with a full response within
that time, we will contact you explaining the reasons for this and giving
a revised date by which we will reply.

If in the mean time you have any questions or would like to contact us
about your request, please contact us by telephone (0114) 2414215 or
alternatively email or write to us at the address below. Please be
assured that we are giving this our attention and will get back to you

Yours sincerely

Daniel Tulp
Company Secretary's Office
Freedom of Information Case Officer
[1][Royal Mail Group request email]

Freedom of Information Unit
Royal Mail Sheffield
2nd Floor
Pond Street
S98 6HR

(0114) 2414215

Royal Mail is a trading name of Royal Mail Group Ltd. Registered in
England and Wales.
Registered number 4138203. Registered office at 100 Victoria Embankment,


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1. mailto:[Royal Mail Group request email]

Dear Royal Mail Group Limited,

I note that you have yet to respond to my request. By law, you should have responded no later than 16 September 2010. Please could you ensure that I receive a response as a matter of priority.

Yours faithfully,

Mark Goodge

Royal Mail Group Limited

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Dear Mr. Goodge

Please find attached a response to your request for information from Royal
Mail Group. We aim to answer all requests for information as soon as is
reasonably possible but in this case failed to provide a response within
20 working days of receiving your request. I am very sorry for the
inconvenience which this delay may have caused you and hope that the
attached response is helpful to you.

Yours sincerely

Daniel Tulp
Company Secretary's Office
Freedom of Information Case Officer
[Royal Mail Group request email]

Royal Mail is a trading name of Royal Mail Group Ltd. Registered in
England and Wales.
Registered number 4138203. Registered office at 100 Victoria Embankment,

Mark Goodge left an annotation ()

I've got a response, but the WDTK system has redacted the email addresses, which is a bit unhelpful!

Dear Royal Mail Group Limited,

Thanks very much for the response. However (and this is no fault of yours), it arrived in an unusable state as the system automatically strips out email addresses from published responses in order to minimise address harvesting by spammers. Since the aim of the request was to obtain email addresses, that rather damages the point in this case.

I'd be grateful, therefore, if you could re-send the attachment to an alternate email address: 'foi-response {at}'. I've had to reformat that to prevent it also being deleted in transit, but it should be fairly clear what the actual address is.

Yours faithfully,

Mark Goodge

Alex Skene left an annotation ()

The email addresses are:

BD_CS [at]
bmac [at]
Cleanmailadvance [at]
contactus [at]
continuity [at]
customerservices [at]
Despatch.Express.Set.Up [at]
foi [at]
mail.collect [at]
OBAMigration [at]
onlinebusinessaccount [at]
onlinehelpdesk [at]
Onlinepostage [at]
Parts_Express [at]
pcodes [at] [at]
postalreview [at]
Quality Assurance Cordinator [at]
SettingupServices [at]
Simply_Drop_Support [at]
smartstamp [at]
Smartstamp_customer_helpdesk [at]
Talk2hugh [at]

They were automatically hidden as per our policy here:

Alex - WhatDoTheyKnow volunteer

Mark Goodge left an annotation ()

Just to add that they did also send me a copy to my other address.

Mr. C. Blanchard left an annotation ()

Just to update this info:
I tried to e-mail RM earlier today using the <customerservices [at] royalmail [dot] com> address shown above. Logging in to my inbox just now however, I found the following message from RM's mailer daemon (Edited for privacy):
From: Postmaster [at] royalmail [dot] com
To: Mr. C. Blanchard [E-mail address removed]
Date: Thu, Nov 11, 2010 at 3:48 PM
Subject: DELIVERY FAILURE: User customerservices (customerservices [at] royalmail [dot] com) not listed in Domino Directory

Your message
Subject: Private/confidential item of mail not delivered, believed "lost" in transit.
was not delivered to:
customerservices [at] royalmail [dot] com
User customerservices (customerservices [at] royalmail [dot] com) not listed in Domino Directory

Final-Recipient: rfc822;customerservices [at] royalmail [dot] com
Action: failed
Status: 5.1.1
Diagnostic-Code: X-Notes; User customerservices (customerservices [at] royal mail [dot] com) not listed in Domino Directory

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Mr. C. Blanchard [E-mail address removed]
To: Royal Mail customer services <customerservices [at] royalmail [dot] com>
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2010 15:48:52 +0000
Subject: Private/confidential item of mail not delivered, believed "lost" in transit.

[Content of e-mail removed]

It sounds to me like after the above addresses were published here, RM decided to change the e-mail addresses that they use, and/or they block e-mail from consumer mail servers.
I might try cross-mailing some of the other given addresses later and see if that yields any joy, but in the meantime I'd advise anyone using the addresses above to save a copy of their e-mail locally for future reference.

Now strike me if I'm wrong...But wouldn't it be illegal for Royal Mail to change and/or otherwise disable e-mail addresses exposed through an FOI request without having sufficient, technically grounded reasons for doing so?

Mr. C. Blanchard left an annotation ()

Just to add to my previous annotation above:
I've just re-sent my e-mail to a select number of Royal Mail departments from the list above, and the following represents the apparent status of the above addresses after waiting half an hour for any automated responses to get back to me.
No immediate response: Await confirmation of success/failure:
. . "Royal Mail BD/CS Team" <BD_CS [at] royalmail [dot] com>
. . "Royal Mail BMAC Dept" <bmac [at] royalmail [dot] com>
. . "Royal Mail Contact Dept" <contactus [at] royalmail [dot] com>
. . "Royal Mail FOI requests" <foi [at] royalmail [dot] com>
. . "Royal Mail PO Box team" < [at] royalmail [dot] com>
. . "Royal Mail Postal Review Panel" <postalreview [at] royalmail [dot] com>
. . "Royal Mail Talk2Hugh [Automated]" <Talk2hugh [at] royalmail [dot] com>

Mailer Daemon: Failure - Not listed in "Domino Directory":
. . "Royal Mail Customer Services" <customerservices [at] royalmail [dot] com>
. . "Royal Mail OL Helpdesk" <onlinehelpdesk [at] royalmail [dot] com>
. . "Royal Mail Service Setup" <SettingupServices [at] royalmail [dot] com>
. . "Royal Mail OBA Migration" <OBAMigration [at] royalmail [dot] com>

Response from automated systems:
. . "Royal Mail OBA Continuity" <continuity [at] oba.royalmail [dot] com>

Irrelevant addresses not mailed at this time:
. . "Royal Mail CleanMail Advance" <Cleanmailadvance [at] royalmail [dot] com>
. . "Royal Mail DispatchEx setup" <Despatch.Express.Set.Up [at] royalmail [dot] com>
. . "Royal Mail Mail collections" <mail.collect [at] royalmail [dot] com>
. . "Royal Mail OL Business accrs" <onlinebusinessaccount [at] royalmail [dot] com>
. . "Royal Mail OL Postage svcs" <Onlinepostage [at] royalmail [dot] com>
. . "Royal Mail Parts Express" <Parts_Express [at] royalmail [dot] com>
. . "Royal Mail Postcodes" <pcodes [at] royalmail [dot] com>
. . "Royal Mail SimplyDrop" <Simply_Drop_Support [at] royalmail [dot] com>
. . "Royal Mail SS (General)" <smartstamp [at] royalmail [dot] com>
. . "Royal Mail SS (Helpdesk)" <Smartstamp_customer_helpdesk [at] royalmail [dot] com>

E-mail addresses known invalid (Due to chars in addr):
. . "Royal Mail QAS Co-ordinator" <Quality Assurance Cordinator [at] royalmail [dot] com>

Diane Conway left an annotation ()

I too have been trying to contact the RM via email but as you experienced my emails bounce back.... I intend to present myself at my local post office to complain in person.... not happy!!

Mark Goodge left an annotation ()

Maybe someone else should send them another FOI request along the same lines as my original one, and see what's different in the response.

Ann Morgan left an annotation ()

I have spent most of today trying to trace an order I made for first and second class stamps. The tracking number that I was provided with is not long enough for the tracking system to identify! I have tried on and off all day with tel.nos. None of them answer my question or give me the relevant option. I have been unable to find any email address to communicate with. Each phone call has cost me probably, over the course of the day, as much as I was trying to save by buying the books of stamps. I am now up against a brick wall. It is impossible to get to speak to a living voice. HELP, at least sort this problem out for me.

S Martin left an annotation ()

My experience is almost a mirror of the difficulties experienced by Ann Morgan.
Has a case been opened with the Royal Mail Ombudsman?
If so how can we add our concerns/experiences to the case.

Steve W left an annotation ()

Me too. The only solace I can take at present is that this possibly means they are snowed under with orders and there is a backlog, but it would be good to know this for sure.

Felicity Groombridge (Account suspended) left an annotation ()

Why not try which is the email address of Royal Mail's Chief Executive (obtained from which is a great website)?

Steve W left an annotation ()

Update - my stamps arrived today, hope others on here got theirs too

Amy Louise left an annotation ()

I'm having the same problem contacting Royal Mail. I've tried sending a query through their online address finder enquiry form, and I just keep getting bouncebacks. I had found a working email and submitted a query that way which got me a response, I tried to send a followup email yesterday and I'm now getting the Domino undeliverable email. Anyone know why the Royal Mail is making itself uncontactable?

G Jenkinson left an annotation ()

I posted two packets of documents to Lloyds TSB, using First-Class Signed For.
One was sent 08 August 2012 and, when it was not shown as having been delivered, the second was sent on 06 September 2012.
To date, the RM tracking system still says they are both "...being progressed through our network for delivery".
In response to an ordinary letter, LTSB says it has not received anything.
If the packages have not been delivered then where are they?
Both had an external notice of sender's name and address so why have I not had then returned?
I have attempted to contact the RM but, after wasting my time in their impenetrable and labrynthine system, I cannot find any way of speaking to a human operative.
The phone help-line simply runs you round an exhausting series of largely irrelevant options - then suggsts the same online help screen from where I started by getting that number!
I'm considering suing RM in the Small Claims Court for the refund of my postage expenses. That is one approach to which they HAVE to respond...or lose by default.

Felicity Groombridge (Account suspended) left an annotation ()

Why not email their CEO via which will give you the email of address?

Terri left an annotation ()

I too have spent over an hour trying to get an email address for RM contact. I have physical difficulties which make using the phone, uncomfortable for me so I prefer to email. Like everyone else - it would seem that Royal Mail don't want to deal with emails.

Roger Cornwell left an annotation ()

The Ofcom website at gives Customer Service contacts for Royal Mail, including

A friend should be emailing them and I will let you know how she gets on.

LHughes left an annotation ()

Have a serious serial complaint re mail my being redirected to ex husband - even after reporting it before and being told it wouldn't happen again as it was flagged up . legal documents -and all my personal financial details. Has already cost me money for solicitor's letters as a result -now fear for my personal and financial safety as a result.(long story of course) They even failed to redirect his mail as they should have done.. still getting it.
My mother rang RM and got through to customer services who gave her for me to send a complaint email to. Done that today but keep wondering if that was a real email address - good to see it from someone else.. Will be interesting to see if it is delivered and if so if I ever get a reply. (I will sue if I have to!!) Hope this posts OK ..not something I do often and found it whilst trying to verify the email address.

LHughes left an annotation ()

re my previous post .. have received an automated reply to - saying as it is the weekend I will receive a reply in the next 2 days!!!! we'll see. keep you posted
( in past have also had trouble with recorded delivery to DVLA over 4 months six recorded deliveries - on tracking two were allegedly never delivered although DVLA replied to one of them!! and three were delivered but not signed for! one did as it was supposed. Long discussion by post.. sent me 6 stamps as compensation!)
anyone else had any luck recently with RM email addresses?

Kit left an annotation ()

When I emailed:


We’re sorry but emails to this address are no longer monitored, the email address is now where we’ll be happy to help.

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