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Dear Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust,

1. Does the trust currently have an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) in place?
2. If so, what EDMS is deployed?
3. When was the system deployed?
4. When does the contract with the EDMS supplier end or when is the review date?
5. What is the rough spend on the EDMS either annually or total contract value (TCV)?
6. How was the EDMS procured, i.e. via framework and if so, which one?
7. .Does the trust have an Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system in place?
8. If so, what EPR is deployed?
9. When was the EPR deployed?
10. What is the value of the EPR contract, either annually or total contract value (TCV)?
11. When is the current EPR contract due for renewal?
12. Does the trust store active physical patient files in-house or off-site
13. If off-site, who is the current storage provider?
13 a - When is the contract due for renewal?
14. How many files/boxes are stored off-site
15. If physical files are stored on-site, roughly how many files/boxes are in the trusts library?
16. How many WTE/FTE work within the library
17. How many clinical appointments does the trust average each day/week/month?

Yours faithfully,

Daniel Stonard


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