Joanna Iatridou

Dear Home Office,

There is an american commercial catalogue that contains at least 30 electronic weapons that can remote kill or cripple a target without proof for toprture or murder. The same catalogue has between 3-10 electronic assault systems to drive the target crazy or make him display mental illness symptoms.
The same catalogue has ultrasonic, infrasound pain shock fields and pain shock phasors to torture targets through walls and ceilings without proof and with severe pain.
The same catalogue has electromagnetic rifles, electromagnetic pistols, burning lazers, microwave weapons and nausea/disorientation causing assault electronics.

The UK law enforcement is mentioned there as a steady customer.

Please publish all the types of these electronics bought by the 47 forces since 2006.

Also, at least 40 of these devices are deadly remote killing directed energy weapons presented as Home security, car security, area protection, or scientific research.

Could it be that because of the name loophole the 47 Forces were bying and using these, without asking permission from the Home Office or the Scottish PARLIAMENT ACCORDINGLY BECAUSE OF THE NAME LOOPHOLE?

Apart from the tasers bought without permission by Northamberland and Strathclyde, would you manage to confront the 47 forces for bying all these deadly weapons and torture devices? pdf catalog

Yours faithfully,

Joanna Iatridou

Sawyer Karen, Home Office

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Please find attached our reply to you recent request for information.


Kind regards


K Sawyer

HOSDB Information Access Team



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