Electricity pole moving in our garden

Joanne Holman made this Freedom of Information request to Rooftop Housing Group Limited
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Dear Rooftop Housing Group Limited,

I have been made aware of a electricity pole being moved in our garden due to a extension being passed at a property two doors down, I became aware of this by someone entering my two gates at the side of the property by a neighbor. They said that western power had entered the garden and next doors without any confirmation to myself of my neighbor, I was out visiting my mum, and the neighbor was out too, they continued, staying in my garden taking photos, we have made a lot of alterations to the property with approval from rooftop, and where they are planning to move this pole is halfway up our garden right in the middle of our patio, wooden gazebo and fish pond, as you can imagine we are really upset about this , but most of all really upset that no one even contacted us to notify this work was approved and being carried out,

Yours faithfully,
Mrs J H