EHCP Information Request

Carlisle City Council did not have the information requested.

Dear Carlisle City Council,

Under Freedom of Information Act, I would like to request the following information:
1. Number of hours of EHCP OT provision commissioned annually
2. Number of hours of EHCP OT provision that is unfulfilled at this current moment
3. Number of children waiting for OT assessments to form their EHCP

4. What proportion of your organisation’s annual requirement for EHCP OT provision is delivered by an outsource independent provider?
5. If you commission an independent provider to deliver the OT element of EHCPS’ on your behalf, please can you advise what commissioning mechanism you use:
a. Through frameworks
b. Direct relationships
c. Preferred Supplier lists
d. Other (please elaborate)
6. Where is your framework published?
7. Who are your current Paediatric preferred suppliers for providing EHCP OT provisions
a. Name of supplier
b. Cost per assessment
c. Cost per treatment session
d. Travel and mileage costs

8. Do you have a ceiling price for commissioning occupational therapy EHCP OT provision?
9. If yes, please give indicate costs for:
a. Cost per assessment
b. Cost per treatment session
c. Travel and mileage costs

10. Who is the main contact/team responsible for EHCP provision and allocation of therapy?
a. Name
b. Job title
c. Email
d. Telephone number

Please do not hesitate to contact me on 01252675058 should any aspect of my request require clarification.

Yours faithfully,

Laura Tilling

Carlisle City Council

Dear Laura Tilling,


Thank you for your request for information about EHCP OT provision which
was received on 21/12/2022. Your request has been handled under the terms
of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and has been given the reference

Your request for information has now been considered.  Carlisle City
Council is not responsible for Children Services or Education,
therefore, we do not hold the information under section 1(1) of the
Freedom of Information Act.  

However, the information you request may be held by Cumbria County Council
which is the responsible Authority. Freedom of Information requests can be
submitted to Cumbria County Council by using their [1]online request form
or by emailing  [2][email address

If you have any queries about this email, please contact me.  Please
remember to quote the reference number above in any future communications.

Kind regards,

Information Team

Carlisle City Council

Civic Centre



[email address]


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