EHC Needs Assessments from Sep 2014 to date, on a year by year basis.

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Dear Medway Council,

Regulation 6 Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations 2014 sets out the advice that the Local Authority must secure as part of an Education Health and Care Needs Assessment. Part of that Regulation requires that advice and information in relation to social care is obtained during the EHC Needs Assessment.

Please advise the following with regard to EHC Needs Assessments from Sep 2014 to date, on a year by year basis. Do include new applications and transfers from Statement of SEN and LDA.

1. How many EHC Needs Assessments were carried out?

2. How many of (1) included a social care assessment?

3. How many of (2) were new to social care?

4. Where a social care assessment was NOT carried out as part of the EHC Needs Assessment for a child or young person NEW to social care, what social care advice was provided?

Yours faithfully,


freedom, Medway Council

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hudsonwallis, chris, Medway Council

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Dear Harley,

Please find attached the response to your enquiry below.

Kind Regards


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