Egerton House

Dave rimmer made this Freedom of Information request to Government Office for the North West

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

Government Office for the North West did not have the information requested.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I posed the following FOI request to Wirral Council and they have told me that they hold no information about Egerton House but you negotiated the transfer of ownership with the demise of CEWTEC. The impression they have given is that they are not connected to Egerton House in any way. Could you therefore please assist me in answering the questions I posed

Dear Sir or Madam, I understand Wirral Borough Council took
ownership of Egerton House with the cesation of CEWTEC. This being the case
1. who now manages this building.
2. if those managers are
not WBC, how were those managers selected.
3. was the selection process subject to competitive tendering.
4. if the process was subject to tendering, how long is the contract for.
5. who, in fact, are the agents.
6. what is the track record of the management agents.
7. what is the status of the management company and are
they a local company.
8. who are the directors
9. how were the directors selected

Yours faithfully,

David Rimmer

Dave rimmer left an annotation ()

I understood that Egerton House was the property of Wirral Council hence my original question to them. However Wirral Council have advised me that it is nothing to do with them and consequently re-directed me to Government Office North West.


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** Reply Requested When Convenient **

Dear Mr Rimmer,

Thank you for your letter requesting information about Egerton House
and CEWTEC. Please see the attached reply and leaflet on Internal review

Nigel Greenwood
0161 952 4187

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