Effect of Dorset CCG proposals on Clinical and Non-Clinical Claims

Gerald Rigler made this Freedom of Information request to NHS Resolution

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Dear NHS Resolution,

I have recently noted your latest annual report which includes a statement that the estimated claims for incidents in 2018/19 could total £9 billion. I am also concerned, like so many Dorset residents, over the dubious proposals being made by Dorset CCG for the future of the NHS in Dorset that involve increased timely access difficulties (and therefore enhanced claims liabilities involving substantial maternity and obstetric elements).

With regard to the above, please advise me about what was learnt about the risk of more and/or higher claims in Dorset from the expected evaluation of the Dorset CCG proposals that you probably have required. I would wish to know what increased risks the Dorset CCG is misguidedly imagining Dorset people should be required to suffer. If no such evaluation has yet occurred, please inform me of the planned date.

Yours faithfully,

Gerald Rigler

FOI, NHS Resolution

Thank you for your correspondence which we received today. If your correspondence constitutes a valid request for information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, we will endeavour to respond promptly, and no later than the twentieth working day following the date of receipt of the request. However, please note that we may ask you to clarify your request where its terms are not clear to us or where we need additional information in order to search for the requested information. Where possible, we will provide you with advice to assist you in describing your request. If we need further details to identify or locate the information, then the 20 working days will commence the day after we receive the required clarification from you. Please be aware that there is also provision for us to claim a reasonable extension to this limit, up to an additional 20 working days, where we need more time to consider the public interest test. Further information on how to access information from a public body is available on the website of the Information Commissioner's Office. Information Access I Corporate Governance Team NHS Resolution


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FOI, NHS Resolution

Dear Gerald Rigler,

Further to your request for information below we believe this request is for Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group.

You can make a request to Dorset CCG using the following link:-


Kind Regards

Bunmi Ogunseye (pronounced ‘Boomi’)
Information Access Manager | Corporate Governance Team
020 7811 6266

NHS Resolution
2nd Floor, 151 Buckingham Palace Road, London, SW1W 9SZ

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Dear FOI addressee,

Your belief is incorrect. The request is designed to ascertain the extent to which NHS Resolution has been (or will be) consulted on the exacerbated access issues associated with some Dorset CCG proposals

Yours sincerely,

Gerald Rigler

Dear NHs Resolution,
Your belief is incorrect. I am wanting, using FOI, to ascertain the extent to which you are pro-active with CCG proposals. I guess you are not bur am seeking the confirmation.

Yours sincerely,

Gerald Rigler

Dear FOI,
Is it true that you (NHS Resolution) have had no contact with Dorset CCG to establish the quantum of likely additional risk of claims arising from their proposed plans for hospital changes in Dorset ?

Yours sincerely,

Gerald Rigler

Steven Chahla, NHS Resolution

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Dear Mr Rigler


I have been asked to respond to your message.


NHS Resolution administers, on behalf of the Secretary of State for Health
and Social Care, indemnity schemes covering the legal liabilities of NHS
organisations in England, but our remit does not extend to any involvement
in decisions made by the NHS around the provision of healthcare, nor do we
regulate the NHS in any way.


We contribute to safety within the NHS by, among other things, sharing
learning from claims, but we have no direct involvement in managing risk.


I am afraid the matters giving rise to your concerns do not fall within
the overall remit of NHS Resolution and we are not able to offer a view.


I am sorry that we cannot assist.


Yours sincerely


Steven Chahla

Head of Claims Strategy

020 7811 2704 / 07917 460262


NHS Resolution

2^nd Floor, 151 Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1W 9SZ


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