Dear Derby City Council,

Please provide the organisational structure charts (including names, job tile and contact details) for the Education directorate covering the following job titles:
Director, assistant director, Head of Service, Service Manager.

I look forward to your response.

Yours faithfully,

Ailidh van Wyk

FOI, Derby City Council

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FOI, Derby City Council

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Dear Ailidh,


The Council confirms it holds information that falls within the
description of your request which is attached.


For your information this request has cost the Council £25 to process.


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provisions of the [1]Re-use of Public Sector Information Regulations 2015
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Information Governance Officer (FOI)
Derby City Council
The Council House
Corporation Street

Telephone 01332 640763 or e-mail [Derby City Council request email]
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You may also apply to the Information Commissioner for a decision under
section 50 of the Act but he may decline to deal with your application if
you have not followed the Council’s complaints procedure first.


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with the Privacy Electronic and Communications Regulations (PECR). For
more information follow this Link [6]


For the avoidance of doubt the provision of council (and other) officer
names and contact details under FOI does not give consent to receive
direct marketing via any media and expressly does not constitute a ‘soft
opt-in’ under PECR.

Yours sincerely,


Freedom of Information Team | Corporate Resources Directorate | Derby City
Council | The Council House| Corporation Street |Derby | DE1 2FS
|Tel: 01332 640763 | [7]



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