Education Management System

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Dear Denbighshire Council,

1.Which supplier(s) provides the Council’s education system or systems? For clarity this is not the school’s system, it is the Education Management system used by the Council to record admissions and transfers, exclusions, attendance, transport, governors, SEN, involvements, Early Years etc, if multiple systems are used could you please list the supplier for each area.
2. When did the Council purchase this system (s)?
3. What is the length of the contract with the supplier(s) and if this is an annual license how many years have this year on year contract been in place?
4. How much does the Council pay annually in support and maintenance for this system(s)?
5. When is the Council planning to review this system(s) for Education Management to ensure best value for money?

Yours faithfully,

Mary Redman

Denbighshire Council

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FOI Acknowledgement


Dear Mary Redman,

Freedom of Information Act 2000 - Request for Information

Thank you for your recent request for information held by Denbighshire
County Council received 23/04/2018 regarding the EDUCATION MANAGEMENT
As set out by the Freedom of Information Act 2000 it will be our aim to
respond to your request by 22/05/2018. In some cases, however, we may be
unable to achieve this deadline. If this occurs we will advise you of the
likely timescale within which the response will be provided.

Under the Freedom of Information Act the Council may charge for
disbursement costs (e.g. photocopies, postage). However should there be
any such costs, you will be notified of this prior to the commencement of
any work.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further advice or guidance
relating to the above.

Rydym yn croesawu gohebiaeth yn Gymraeg. Byddwn yn ymateb i unrhyw
ohebiaeth yn Gymraeg ac ni fydd hyn yn arwain at unrhyw oedi. We welcome
correspondence in Welsh. We will respond to any correspondence in Welsh
which will not lead to a delay.

Yours sincerely

Kerry Standen
Swyddog Mynediad i Wybodaeth / Access to Information Officer Cyngor Sir
Ddinbych / Denbighshire County Council Ffon / Tel: 01824 708242
E-bost:[email address]
E-mail:[email address] Gwefan Website


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