Ecology Surveys for Places for Everyone Allocations

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Dear Salford City Council,

Please provide a list of ecological surveys undertaken since 2016 (showing the date of the survey) for each of the Places for Everyone Allocations, together with the associated reports received and any logs/reports that show how the data set out in the ecological reports impacted or revised the proposed Allocation. Please also provide any associated correspondence relating to consideration of these specific sites, particularly in relation to consideration of their status as Priority Habitats.

Yours faithfully,

Susan Sollazzi

Wrycraft, James, Salford City Council

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Dear Susan Sollazzi,

I am writing in response to your Freedom of Information request on 20
September 2023. Please see attached response letter.

Many Thanks,

James Wrycraft
Principal Information Governance Officer

Salford City Council
Civic Centre, Chorley Road, Swinton, Salford M27 5DA


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Dear Mr Wrycraft,

Thank you for your response to my FoI request dated regarding ecological surveys undertaken since 2016 for each of the Places for Everyone Allocations. I provide the following to assist you and hope you will now reply in full.

Re part 1 of the question, I did not request the PfE ecological appraisals, but rather a list detailing the survey work undertaken at these sites and the resulting reports – regardless of whether they formed part of the PfE evidence base. We are aware of site visits by the GMEU and others, so we would like a copy of the survey reports from these visits since 2016.

Re part 2 of the question, I will limit the scope to communications between the Local Planning Authority and the GMCA/GMEU relating to correspondence regarding the ecology/ecological appraisals for the sites within your area in Places for Everyone.

Yours sincerely,

Susan Sollazzi

Dear James Wrycraft,

Unfortunately your response provides none of the requested information. Alongside other Greater Manchester Local Authorities, you are blocking access which might allow those wishing to protect nature to understand the surveys which have - or have not - been undertaken. This is not democracy.

Yours sincerely,

Susan Sollazzi