DWP "chain" of "processes" followed before Universal Credit sanctions

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Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

Please provide information you hold that shows the DWP will contact "several times" before sanctions "come into effect".

Yours faithfully,

Paul Cardall

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Mr Cardall
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J Roberts left an annotation ()

Some interesting information on the distinction between "attend" and "participate", and that the latter refers only to the former!

"126. The Jobseeker’s Allowance regulations (1996), specifically regulation  3, require claimants to participate in an interview in such manner, time and place as an employment officer may specify by a notification which is given or sent to the claimant and which may be 
in writing, by telephone or by electronic means. 
NB: Although¬†regulations refer¬†to ‚Äėparticipation‚Äô, no DMA action can¬†be¬†taken¬†against¬†claimants for¬†failing to¬†participate. Only failing to attend¬†action can be¬†considered. In¬†this¬†section,¬†therefore,¬†‚Äėparticipate‚Äô should¬†be¬†read¬†as ‚Äėattend‚Äô only.¬†"

J Roberts left an annotation ()

J Roberts left an annotation ()

Some interesting information on holiday entitlement, or the lack of it!

"Universal Credit does not make any allowances for holidays when considering conditionality. The agent must advise the claimant that if they choose to go on holiday they must continue to carry out the work-related requirements as set out in their claimant Commitment and they: 

  will still be expected to complete all mandatory activity including  attendances at any appointment or  provision 

 will not be able to conduct their on-going Work Search Review at any office other than their home office or have them arranged for a later date

could be subject to  a sanction and lose some or all of their Universal Credit payments if they do not fulfil all the requirements in their Claimant Commitment in full"