Robert LLwellyn

Dear Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency,

The DVLA has a 4 part complaints process initiated when the complainant has failed to resolve the problem with the DVLA department in question.

1. Complaints Team
2. Chief Executive
3. Independent Complaints Assessor
4. Public Health Service Ombudsman

If the Complaints Team simply push the complaint back to the department yet again to resolve, thereby increasing it to a 5 part not 4 part complaints process, does this mean the complaint is not recorded for statistical analysis as an actual complaint at that stage?

Yours faithfully,

Robert LLwellyn

FOI FOI, Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency

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Dear Mr Llwellyn,


The DVLA formal complaints procedure is a two step process as below:


Making a formal complaint

Step 1

If you’ve tried to resolve matters with the department you’ve been dealing
with and you’re not happy with the outcome, write to our complaints team
telling them your concerns.


Step 2

If you’ve been through Step 1 and you feel that your complaint hasn’t been
resolved, write to our Chief Executive, who will make sure your case is
reviewed and responded to within 10 working days.


If the customer is still  unhappy then they have the option after stage 2
to request that their case is escalated to the ICA.   If they remain
unhappy after the ICA report has been issued they can approach their MP
and request that the complaint is referred to the PHSO.


The ICA and PHSO are external to the DVLA.


Informal complaints

As publicised on if a customer wishes to make a complaint then must
first contact the department they’ve been dealing with.

If they are unhappy with the informal response at that point then can
escalate to the step 1 complaint.

Informal complaints are not recorded.


Complaints are only recorded as an official complaint when they reach a
step 1.


You can refer to;
or provide a copy of the enclosed leflet.


Hope this helps


David A Morgan

Freedom of Information Team

Data Sharing & Protection Group | Strategy, Policy and Communications
Group | C2 | DVLA | Swansea | SA6 7JL

Twitter: [2]@dvlagovuk




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Dear Mr LLwellyn

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S Graham

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