Duty of Disclosure to Defence of Bloody Sunday Veteran

Richard Card made this Freedom of Information request to Attorney General's Office

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The request was refused by Attorney General's Office.

+Dear Attorney General’s Office,

(1) In 1981 the Irish Govt told Vice President Bush that UK was not "Taking seriously" the threat of Soviet influence and involvement with IRA.

(2) 1940 The Nazis recognise IRA with diplomatic status as their allies. They provide a villa and a library of campaign maps for the study by IRA Chief of Staff Russell

Oh here’s to Adolph Hitler,
Who made the Britons squeal,
Sure before the fight is ended
They will dance an Irish reel.’

(3) We have visited this before Attorney General re an "IRA asset acquiring information of use to the Soviet" who lived at Stowmarket Suffolk. Of course you need no reminding that the Home Office Northern Ireland Minister (At the time the IRA asset became active in Suffolk) was Lord Stonham of Stonham Aspal STOWMARKET. And you know from cases like Matron McGill Decd and the Islington and Hackney child care deaths at Beeches Ixworth Suffolk, who the IRA asset is. How he happily now is a fully paid up member of Suffolk Tories. In effect how although a case for spying has long existed enjoys an immunity from prosecution under your banner of public interest custodianship. An immunity not extended to Soldier F

But what you also have is evidence of whom he was targeting in Suffolk. AIREY NEAVES charity the Sue Ryder HQ Cavendish. The Walberswick social scene of CLEMENT FREUD from before FREUD ever became an MP and Liberal Northern Ireland spokesman

(4) Let us concentrate on 1968 one year before the Ulster troubles kicked off. And the country estate of the man in question is also in Suffolk. Henniker Estate. Of interest to two child sexual abuse inquiries ne'er the twain shall meet . One presumably under Ulster Attorney General jurisdiction and one, the IICSA, under your jurisdiction. KINCORA (Arming of Loyalist Terrorists 1968) and at IICSA the funding and protection of Paedophile Information Exchange.

(5) This question of pre arming Loyalist terrorists is a matter surely for resolution and disclosure to the Defence of Soldier F. (First part of FOI) And with it as you know the questions about GLADIO stay behind also arising re KINCORA and Henniker Estate. And as you also know these questions remain unanswered re death of Sir John Stradling Thomas MP March 1991 Dolphin Square and the use of parliament act to force through Greville Janners war crimes bill by Paddy Mayhew Attorney General without mentioning Gladio and at a time of failing to comply with 1990 EU resolution to dismantle Gladio. And without declaring by the way Paddy Mayhews role at General Medical Council protecting Ulsters paedophile child psychiatrist Morris Fraser from strike off medical register 1970s another KINCORA related matter.

(6) So we have veteran Soldier F facing trial ? While facts useful to his defence are scattered here and yon even in the Ballymurphy Inquest.

(7) And those facts include that the IRA supported our ENEMY Hitler by their S Plan as COMBATANTS in WW2 and did not face Nuremberg where NEAVE and FREUD were on the British prosecution team. So did the diplomatic status accorded IRA as a Nazi ally and their sabotage plan ever go to ceasefire ? No. The IRA availed themselves as allies of the Soviet went avowedly Marxist and adapted the S Plan into the Garland Plan. Poisons and Sabotage included.

(8) So next question for FOI what strategy to combat the continuous sabotage plans of IRA were created by UK Govt ? Did such plans include GLADIO ? Was some of the planning entrusted to GLADIO ? Who was running GLADIO ? Who devised GLADIO ? Was it not AIREY NEAVES colleague Harry SPORBORG 1944 ? And were enemy recruited DURING HOSTILITIES for future post amnesty employment in GLADIO ? And why was this not denated in parliament when Paddy MAYHEW was bullying through Greville JANNERS war crime bill while public interest custodianship was sparing JANNER facing child abuse charges with BRECK in 1991.

(9) Your office has used public interest custodianship to deny Matron McGill Decd Sue Ryder HQ 22.1.72 access to High Court to quash the suicide verdict. It does share common ground with the Bloody Sunday deaths seven days after Matron McGill death 1972 re avoiding judicial examination about Airey NEAVE, Lord HENNIKER and Harry SPORBORG and Sue RYDER and an I|RA asset acquiring info of use to Soviet Two judicial inquiries and the whole NEAVE murder inquiry and not an answer to disclose to Soldier F's defence !

(10) You see the court must decide "CUI BONO". For Bloody Sunday. For all that suffering and tragedy CUI BONO And we see Ballymurphy Inquests introduce the questions "WERE THE PARAS HIGH". With all of its implications in MENS REA. Has the Coroner "ALLAYED SUSPICION" which is his duty in inquest law? Were the paras drugged ?? With all of the implications of research re 100% behavioural control such as Schacter and Singer

Whereas the OIRA does not appear to ever have gone to ceasefire after WW2 it did so after Bloody Sunday as the bloody sectarian conflict they were anxious to avoid became inevitable. If it broke their campaign plan CUI BONO ? The totally unprepared UK Govt

(11) If you look to Michael Alison MP DHSS Minister Hansard 1971 you see the pathetic state of UK to face an "S Plan" The minister said in event of power cuts NHS hospitals could consider asking Post Office or MOD for the lend of mobile generators !! Presumably the civil nuclear industry were told similar things. We had blundered naked to the fray unprepared to face a sabotage plan that could have turned our own infrastructure into a chaos weapon against us. Is it not the case that the only option for UK in 1971 to break Garland S Plan was to promote sectarian bloodshed to kick the Garland plans legs out as it was based on inevitabiity to regionalisation in Europe, EOKA campaign, and necessity to keep struggle along class and not sectarian lines.

(12) We watch an unfolding constitutional tragedy in Parliament re EU Brexit. In the country people bristle against the idea of an EU Army unaware we have had an EU militia since the war and that it was being prepared by recruiting allies of the IRA during hostilities.

CUI BONO Bloody Sunday and Ballymurphy ? Was the situation up to OIRA "Ceasefire" 1972 that the Irish Govt were right it was warfare by other means. Were the paras drugged in pursuit of a strategic warfare objective of the UK Govt ? Was the Scarman report only about the post OIRA "Ceasefire" threat position ?

In addition to duties to report to defence of Soldier F you are under Common Law duty to make a statement to the Ballymurphy Coroner.

Please disclose your position

Yours faithfully,

Richard Card

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AGO Correspondence, Attorney General's Office

Dear Richard Card,

Thank you for your email dated 29 March 2019.

We have considered your request and can confirm that it does not constitute a valid request for recorded information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA).

The FOIA gives individuals and organisations the right of access to all types of recorded information held, at the time the request is received, by public authorities such as the Attorney General's Office (AGO). In order for a request for information to be handled as a FOIA request, it must be for recorded information. More information about how to make a clear and valid FOI request is available on the Information Commissioner’s Office’s website https://ico.org.uk/ which you may find helpful.

Yours sincerely,

FOI Officer

FOI Officer
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Dear Attorney General’s Office,

Please pass this on to the person who conducts Freedom of Information reviews.

I am writing to request an internal review of Attorney General’s Office's handling of my FOI request 'Duty of Disclosure to Defence of Bloody Sunday Veteran'.

For your instant reply to hold any validity is to believe you have no records related to Janners War Crimes Bill. And no records related to Sir John Stradling Thomas MP correspondence. Mayhap in your desire to be instantly dismissive you gave yourself no time to reflect let along search records. So obvious question since Paddy Mayhew answered Sir John Stradling Thomas MP (Giving rise to suspicion Paddy's correspondence had been intercepted and edited !!) how come you have no record ? And since Sir John's correspondence touched on sabotage and company fraud at Plessey Torpedoes (Related to Belgrano concerns pursued by Tam Dalyell MP) and since the suspect for sabotage was not only IRA Garland Plan but also GLADIO

One record you should have is your Common Law compliance report to HM Coroner with jurisdiction for Dolphin Square deaths.

So take your time this time and review please.

A full history of my FOI request and all correspondence is available on the Internet at this address: https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/d...

Yours faithfully,

Richard Card

Dear AGO Correspondence,


To assist in your internal review.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Card

Dear AGO Correspondence,


Funnily enough the Home Office say they have no record of Jack Straw suppressing call for inquiry into GLADIO, Deal Barracks IRA bombing, Sabotage consistent with IRA S Plan Garland.

I think you have been asked before about the legality of Straw later as Justice Minister repealing Unlawful Drilling Act 1819 when it was still live cases and also an arbiter act in GFA ?

Yours sincerely,

Richard Card

Dear AGO Correspondence,


Yours sincerely,

Richard Card

AGO Correspondence, Attorney General's Office

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Dear Mr Card,

Please see the attached response to your 29 March 2019 request for an internal review into the purported FOI request you made on the same date.

Yours Sincerely,

FOI Officer
E: [Attorney General's Office request email]
T: 020 7271 2492
5-8 The Sanctuary, London, SW1P 3JS

@attorneygeneral | gov.uk/ago

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