Due Diligence in Respect of Signature Living

Josie Mullen made this Freedom of Information request to City of Liverpool College

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Dear Liverpool Community College,[Ms Bowker]

Could you please supply me with all information relating to the Due Diligence that was carried out re. Lawrence Kenwright [Signature Living] before West Derby College was sold to him/his company.
I would be grateful if you could acknowledge receipt of my FOI request at your earliest convenience

Yours faithfully,

Josie Mullen

Dear Liverpool Community College,
Could you please send me an acknowledgement of my FOI request

Yours faithfully,

Josie Mullen

Mounfield, Mike, City of Liverpool College

Thank you for your email.

I am currently on leave and will not return until the afternoon of Tuesday 11th October.

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Dear Liverpool Community College,
As it is now 10 days since I sent my FOI request could you please acknowledge receipt of it.

Yours faithfully,

Josie Mullen

Dear Liverpool Community College,
This is my 5th request for confirmation of my FOI request. I would be grateful if you could respond ASAP
Yours faithfully,

Josie Mullen

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Dear Josie,


Please find attached our response in relation to your FOI request dated
2^nd October 2016 - Due Diligence in Respect of Signature Living




Ken Ryan


Ken Ryan

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Dear Ken RYAN,
Thank you for your response, which I found very worrying. It is quite clear that a proper search was not carried out for the following reasons:
[1] First of all, it says on Liverpool City College website that Lawrence Kenwright is a Governor at the college. If this is true - what would be the legal/ethical position of selling part of the City College's estate to a Governor?

[2] Lawrence Kenwright is a double bankrupt which left debts of just under £2,000.000. After his last bankruptcy he was banned from being a company director for 8 years, which I think finished in 2012. [This was admitted by Mr Kenwright in a Parliament Hansard report and is indicated in Companies House.

[2] Companies House information also indicates that at the present moment he, along with his wife have 34 charges against their names, which will amount to a significant debt.

Text from Hansard

11.00 am 20/04/2016 - Hansard
Stephen Doughty (Cardiff South and Penarth) (Lab/Co-op)

"I want to turn now to Mr Kenwright’s financial background. I am afraid that Mr Kenwright has been less than transparent about his financial history, and I think it is in the public interest to raise these matters so that others can draw their own conclusions. Mr Kenwright did not proactively disclose these to Cardiff Council or to anybody else who met him. Indeed, the council claimed that it was unaware of them when I raised them with it. . Mr Kenwright told WalesOnline:
“I had an apartment block in Liverpool which went over budget. I was one of the first ones to go bust. The only difference between liquidation and bankruptcy is giving the personal guarantee.”
However, Mr Kenwright confirmed to me personally in a meeting in the House on 9 March that he was made bankrupt as recently as 2010,[ his 2nd bankruptcy] in Liverpool Crown court on 22 June in that year. The credit crunch of course started in 2008. And, crucially, he was a director, as reported in the north Wales Daily Post on 28 April 2004, of a clothing company called Yes & Co. Distribution Ltd, which in 2002 went into liquidation, with an estimated £1.9 million owing to creditors. The newspaper reported at the time that Lawrence Kenwright accepted a disqualification for eight years, . That of course suggests that Mr Kenwright could have been disqualified until as recently as 2012."
I would be grateful if Ms Bowker could respond with her observations on this matter

Yours sincerely,

Josie Mullen

Karl Baxter left an annotation ()

This is long overdue. No explanation for the delay.

Josie Mullen left an annotation ()

I've tried to get an answer.....The strange thing is that Lawrence Kenwright became a Governor at the college and shortly afterwards....mid 2016, the college sold Bankfield College to him based on ONE valuation done in 2012. The difference between a 2012 valuation and a 2016 valuation would have been quite significant