Drigg LLWR and Rock Characterisation Boreholes for Intermediate Level Nuclear Wastes

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Dear Low Level Waste Repository Ltd,

I have asked Radioactive Waste Management the following questions and they say this is a matter for you to answer....

!. Have the public been consulted about the RWM/NDA/CoRWM plan for Near Surface Disposal of Intermediate Level Waste at DRIGG LLWR?

2. Under what planning permissions have LLWR drilled 16 rock characterisation boreholes a depth of 120m into the underlying sandstone and has there been any debate about the boreholes and their purpose by local councils?

3. What are the category of low and intermediate level wastes proposed for NSD by LLWR and would this include the category of wastes previously designated by NIREX for a GDF ?

Yours faithfully,

Marianne Birkby
on behalf of Lakes Against Nuclear Dump - a Radiation Free Lakeland campaign

LLWR FOI Request,

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