Dr Jane Barton

Ann Reeves made this Freedom of Information request to General Medical Council

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The request was successful.

Dear General Medical Council/Mr Dickson

Under the FOI

We are still extremely concerned regarding Dr Jane Barton since the GMC failed to act and strike this doctor off the medical register, having been found guilty of multiple findings of serious professional misconduct. This being Dr Jane Barton administering high doses of Diamorphine and other controlled drugs at the Gosport War Memorial Hospital to patients that were not dying nor in pain.

Therefore, since Dr Jane Barton took Voluntary Erasure and then retirement please can the GMC confirm that Dr Jane Barton has not worked as

1. A locum in UK or abroad?

2. Have the GMC enlighten other countries/health authorities that Dr Jane Barton is at risk treating patients?

3. When was the last correspondence that the GMC had with Dr Jane Barton or her legal team reference Dr Jane Barton?

Mr Dickson stated at the PHSC Inquiry when asked the question by the committee.."do the GMC notify other countries when a doctor is at risk as they can disappear abroad and be a threat to others.. Mr Dickson answered Yes, we make every effort to do so!

I note Mr Paul Philips letter to Hampshire Police on 25th January 2005 and the police response on 28th April 2005. I also note in that letter the GMC were very anxious on receiving more evidence from the police in particular on the death of Elsie Devine. The GMC tried to put the Police under pressure to release such evidence on this case but the Police refused to do so, that is also of concern to us. To reiterate we still have those concerns over our Mother's death considering the GMC closed this family down in 2002 with no case to answer!

The letter also stated,quote, "The issue of the risk posed by Dr Jane Barton was discussed. The voluntary arrangement seem to be holding but Mr Paul Philip was concerned that Dr Jane Barton could practice in the short term locum position without being supervised and that a risk under those circumstance existed as did the voluntary arrangement itself'. unquote.

The Police informed the GMC in that letter, quote. "GMC has a duty to satisfy itsetf that there are no matters of professional conduct or performance warranting formal action', unquote.

Mr Dickson you will note from this and much more which has come into this family's possession how important this FOI request is, after all your policy is first and foremost patient safety, is it not?

We look forward to hearing from you?

Yours faithfully,

Ann Reeves

FOI, General Medical Council

Dear Mrs Reeves

Your information request F12/5064/JM

Thank you for your email of 20 November 2012 asking for information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA).

We will consider your request and give you the information as soon as we can, normally within the 20 working day limit set by the FOIA.

Please note that there may be some information that we cannot release to you under the FOIA. If this is the case, we will let you know why and state the relevant exemptions given in the FOIA. We will also give you information about how to appeal our decision.

I have allocated your request to Janet Mauldridge. If you have any questions, please contact her on 0161 923 6324 or email [email address].

Kind regards

Gayle Impey

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Emma D left an annotation ()

It is extraordinary that the GMC appears almost wilfully blind to the dangers patients abroad are exposed to when they fail to regulate properly, just because mass murderers have a brother in law who works for them!!! Do we just export our mistakes by allowing unsafe doctors to work abroad??????...reminds me of the NHS, who are currently selling the Liverpool Care Pathway to 17 countries abroad, despite clear evidence of its abuse, and the fact it appears to have been written by Herr Barton's superiors in the SS.

Janet Mauldridge (0161 923 6324), General Medical Council

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Our ref: F12/5064/JM

Dear Ms Reeves

Please see the attached response in respect of your Freedom of Information Act request.

Yours sincerely

Janet Mauldridge
Information Access Officer
0161 923 6324
[email address]

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