Dr Ashish DUTTA GMC ref. no. 4089731 - copy of MPT determination

J Roberts made this Freedom of Information request to General Medical Council

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The request was refused by General Medical Council.

Dear General Medical Council,

Please send me full details of the MPT hearing concerning Dr Ashish DUTTA that concluded on 16 June 2021:


'Dr Ashish DUTTA

Medical practitioners tribunal – Remittal Hearing concluded
Outcome on impairment Not impaired
Summary of outcome Warning
Type of case Misconduct
Hearing date from 15 Jun 2021
Hearing date to 16 Jun 2021


Previously sat: 8-11 December 2020 and 21-22 January 2021.

Location of hearing

This was a virtual hearing. Contact us about attending this hearing

GMC reference number 4089731

Area of practice Liverpool, Sunderland, South Tyneside


Full details of this hearing will be published shortly'

Yours faithfully,

J Roberts

FOI, General Medical Council

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FOI, General Medical Council

Dear J Roberts,

Your information request – IR1-3180513829
Thank you for your email dated 16 August, in which you ask for the full details of the MPT hearing concerning Dr Ashish DUTTA that concluded on 16 June 2021

How we will consider your request
We’re going to consider your request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA). The FOIA gives us 20 working days to respond, but we’ll come back to you as soon as we can.

Who to contact
Henna Janghir will be handling your request. If you have any questions you can contact her via email at [email address].

Yours sincerely

Lauren Barrowcliffe
Information Access Team Assistant

[email address]
General Medical Council
3 Hardman Street
M3 3AW

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Henna Janghir (0161 923 6710), General Medical Council

Dear J Roberts,

Your information request – IR1-3180513829

Thank you for your email dated 16 August requesting full details of the MPT hearing that concluded on 16 June 2021 for Dr Ashish Dutta (GMC reference number 4089731). I have considered your request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA).

I can't provide the information you requested as we're currently planning to publish the determination in the near future. Unfortunately, we are experiencing some delays in relation to publication, however, we are working to resolve these as soon as possible and we expect the determination to be published by approximately 6 October 2021. I have provided details of the relevant exemption below.

The exemption

Section 22 of the FOIA is the exemption which applies to information intended for future publication. This exemption is subject to a public interest test and I believe that the public interest in maintaining the exemption outweighs the public interest in disclosing the information.

I'm sorry I couldn’t provide the information you requested. If you would like to appeal this decision please write to [GMC request email]. Please note that we will only usually consider appeals received within 40 working days of our response. You can also appeal to the Information Commissioner.

Yours sincerely

Henna Janghir
Information Access Officer

General Medical Council
3 Hardman Street
M3 3AW

Email: [email address]
Tel: 0161 923 6710
Website: www.gmc-uk.org

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J Roberts left an annotation ()

Dr Dutta has conditions:

'Conditions on the doctor's registration

From 18 Jan 2022

1. He must personally ensure that the GMC is notified of the following information within seven calendar days of the date these conditions become effective: a of the details of his current post, including: i his job title ii his job location iii his responsible officer (or their nominated deputy) b the contact details for his employer and any contracting body, including his direct line manager c of any organisation where he has practising privileges and/or admitting rights d of any training programmes he is in e of the contact details of any locum agency or out-of- hours service he is registered with.

Glossary V15

2. He must personally ensure the GMC is notified: a of any post he accepts, before starting it; b that all relevant people have been notified of his conditions, in accordance with condition 9; c if any formal disciplinary proceedings against him are started by his employer and/or contracting body, within seven calendar days of being formally notified of such proceedings; d if any of his posts, practising privileges or admitting rights have been suspended or terminated by his employer before the agreed date within seven calendar days of being notified of the termination; e if he applies for a post outside the UK.

Glossary V15

3. He must allow the GMC to exchange information with his employer and/or any contracting body for which he provides medical services.

Glossary V15

4. He must not work for more than ten clinical sessions per week

Glossary V15

5. a He must be supervised in his cosmetic work by a clinical supervisor, as defined in the Glossary for undertakings and conditions. His clinical supervisor must be appointed by his responsible officer (or their nominated deputy). For any new work outside of his current scope/location of cosmetic work, approval may only be from his responsible officer (or their nominated deputy). b He must not work until: i his responsible officer (or their nominated deputy) has appointed his clinical supervisor and approved his supervision arrangements; ii he has personally ensured that the GMC has been notified of these arrangements. c He must provide a report from his clinical supervisor in advance of or at his next review hearing, and from his Responsible Officer (or their nominated deputy) if required.

Glossary V15

6. a. Any procedure to be carried out under conscious sedation or general anaesthesia must first be discussed with, and written approval given by his clinical supervisor. b. He must provide a log of any such procedures and the written approvals in advance of his next review hearing.

Glossary V15

7. He must not carry out procedures using conscious sedation at any of the Aesthetic Beauty Centre clinics in Newcastle and Sunderland.

Glossary V15

8. He must not recommence any surgical procedures (other than curettage (scraping), cautery (burning) or cryocautery (freezing) of warts, verrucae or other skin lesions; and cosmetic injections) at either the Newcastle or Sunderland Clinics until the CQC has certified the clinics ‘safe’ and given its approval for surgical procedures for which CQC registration is required.

Glossary V15

9. He must personally ensure that the following persons are notified of the conditions listed at 1 to 8: a his responsible officer (or their nominated deputy); b the responsible officer of the following organisations: i his place(s) of work and any prospective place of work (at the time of application); ii all his contracting bodies and any prospective contracting body (prior to entering a contract); iii any organisation where he has, or has applied for, practising privileges and/or admitting rights (at the time of application); iv any locum agency or out-of-hours service he is registered with; v if any organisation listed at (i to iv) does not have a responsible officer, he must notify the person with responsibility for overall clinical governance within the organisation. If he is unable to identify this person, he must contact the GMC for advice before working for that organisation. c his immediate line manager and senior clinician (where there is one) at his place of work, at least 24 hours before starting work (for current and new posts, including locum posts).