Domestic abuse figures and deliberate omission of men

Ian King made this Freedom of Information request to Dorset County Council

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Dear Dorset County Council,


Previously your council was asked to remove the frequently disproven statistic of "1 in 4 women" from your website or provide conclusive evidence to prove it. This was on the grounds that evidence from equally learned sources shows that this figure is not true.

You removed it on the basis you could not provide any evidence or proof that "1 in 4" was a fact with empirical evidence to show it and that you could not remember where you sourced it from". Obviously publishing misleading information to the public could put you in breach of certain laws as well as result in the possible misdirection of funding, this of course could deny some genuine victims assistance.

Could you kindly explain why you are using this statistic again and I aks that you also , again, backup your published claim of " 1 in 4 women" as laid out in your latest domestic violence leaflet here.

If you have been professionally negligent enough to simply accept propaganda or information from a particular source given to you, you should surely correct this straight away.

Could you also explain why in the same leaflet, you give Male victims of domestic violence mere lip service by mumbling quietly at the end of a sentence, "Men can also be affected".

Why have you seemingly made sure to leave out any mention of statistics on Male victims? Many reputable statistics and media clearly show that anywhere between a 1/3rd and half of all domestic violence victims are Male. So why does your council treat them with such nonchalance and inequality?

Could you also provide:

How much funding this council has given to refuges and organisations/charities, specifically showing the monies to those that are catering for male victims of domestic violence and those organisations and refuges that cater only for females over 13?

With thanks

Ian King

It is also noted

Yours faithfully,

Ian King

Dorset County Council

We acknowledge receipt of your request for information.
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Dorset County Council

Dear Mr King
I am writing to acknowledge receipt of the attached email.

I have passed the last paragraph of your request, about funding for
refuges, to the relevant business area for a response.  The remaining
questions in your email are asking for explanations.  These are not
requests for information 'held' in permanent form by the authority, so
cannot be deemed as requests for information under the FOIA.  I have
forwarded these questions to Andy Frost who is the Strategic Manager of
DAT and Community Safety.  He will reply to you separately.
Yours sincerely

Freedom of Information Team
Dorset County Council

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Ian King left an annotation ()

Dear sirs,

Very well I understand your point. In that case could you please tell me what statistics you have on male victims of domestic violence then?

Freedom of Information, Dorset County Council

Dear Mr King
I am writing further to my email below.  The answer to the FOI element of
your correspondence is as follows:
A new service is being commissioned to start in April 2014.  It will be
designed to cover all victims as set out in the draft service

 1. It will be a flexible service providing accommodation based support
and housing, practical, financial and emotional advice and support to
any victims of domestic violence and abuse aged 16 and over living in
Dorset County. This will include male, female and transgender victims
with or without children and those living with or separated from the
perpetrator. The service is available to all victims regardless of
geographical location or tenure and will meet the individual needs of
any victims using it. The service will aim to increase the safety and
protection of victims of domestic violence and abuse in Dorset County
and to prevent harm, escalation of abuse and risk.

The funding for the service will be £373,000  (the same amount as
currently provided to fund the 2 refuges and outreach service).
In addition to the above service commissioned by Supporting People, we
also contribute £96K a year to a Pan Dorset IDVA service which supports
victims identified as being at a high risk of harm and is delivered for us
by Bournemouth Churches Housing Association (BCHA). The IDVA service will
support male and female victims aged 16 and over.
If you are not completely satisfied with my response, please contact me
again, or write to the complaints officer at: Dorset County Council,
County Hall, Colliton Park, Dorchester, Dorset DT1 1XJ.  Or you can follow
the complaints procedure that can be found on our website
[1] at  
[2] If your appeal is
not resolved to your satisfaction, you have the right to apply to the
Information Commissioner for a decision.
Yours sincerely
Freedom of Information Team
Dorset County Council

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Ian King left an annotation ()

Thank you for the information, however you have failed to address why you do not give the statistics for male victims in your literature but do for females?

Could you please complete the request by supplying what statistics you have and their source for both gender and a reason why you have not included male statistics.

Many thanks.