Doctors Referring Children for Unnecessary Medical Testing

Liz R (Account suspended) made this Freedom of Information request to General Medical Council

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The request was successful.

Liz R (Account suspended)

Dear General Medical Council,

I recently read a story of a child being subjected to unnecessary medical testing by a parent - doctors are giving medical tests for no reasons? No referrals? Why do children get referred for tests and by whom? Isn't it the job of social workers to ensure disabled children are prevented from having unnecessary testing?

Mr.Simon Murch gave my son a colonoscopy without my permission in 2000, despite my sons' medical notes clearly stating there was nothing wrong, by the same department at the Royal Free Hospital.

How many complaints have been made about doctors like Murch testing without consent of parents please? And why will you not accept the evidence I have of this happening to my son or allow my complaint to be added to Mr.Murchs' GMC Fitness to practice Hearing currently underway?
Do you have any other complaints about the GMC not accepting vital evidence like this please?

For your general information regarding blaming mother, please see attached (this and much other evidence was sent to Tim Cox-Brown several times)

Yours sincerely,

Liz Lucy R

FOI, General Medical Council

Our ref: F10/2707/LG

Dear Ms R

Information Request

Thank you for your email of 22 January 2010 in which you request
information in accordance with the provisions of the Freedom of
Information Act 2000 (FOIA).

We will consider your request and you will normally receive the
information you seek within the 20 working day limit set by the FOIA.

The FOIA lists a number of exemptions that may prevent the release of
part, or all, of the information that you have requested. We will make an
assessment of the requested information and if it is subject to an
exemption you will be informed of this, together with details of your
right of appeal.

Your request has been allocated to Louise Gormley. If you have any
queries concerning your request you can contact Ms Gormley on 0161 923
6311 or email [1][email address]

Yours sincerely

Janet Maclean

Information Access Team Administrator

0161 923 6324

[email address]

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Louise Gormley (0161 923 6311), General Medical Council

Our reference: F10/2702/LG

Dear Ms R

Thank you for your email dated 22 January 2010, in which you request
information regarding complaints about doctors carrying out tests
without consent.

In response to your request we have carried out a search of our
electronic database system and I display below the number of cases since
April 2006, which have allegations which fall into the following
allegation categories:

Allegation category Type Sub-type
No of

Relationships with Patients Consent No consent - research

Relationships with Patients Consent No consent - screening

Relationships with Patients Consent No consent - treatment

Please note these complaints relate to people of all ages, not just

In addition please note that this search is not based on all complaints
received, as allegations are only recorded when a complaint has been
promoted to a case, so it does not include those complaints which were
closed at an early stage.

I also refer you to our guidance on good practice which is available on
our website; this guidance describes what is expected of doctors. You
may find our consent guidance, particularly part 2; making decisions
about investigations and treatments most useful, the link is as follows:

I hope the above information is useful.

If I can be of any further assistance please let me know.

Kind regards
Louise Gormley
Information Access Officer
Registration Directorate

Direct Line: 0161 923 6311
Email: [email address]
Address: Information Access Team
General Medical Council
3 Hardman Street
M3 3AW

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Liz R (Account suspended)

Dear Louise Gormley (0161 923 6311),

Thank for your time and this helpful information.

Yours sincerely,

Liz R

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