DM request for F2F WCA - Follow up to previous RFI.

The request was successful.

Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

With reference to my previous request regarding DWP Decision Makers requesting a Face to Face Work Capability Assessment where CHDA had initially submitted a clerical 'paper only' assessment.
Your Refrerence: FOI2019/01424

You state that:
"the information you requested is not held or collated by the Department for Work and Pensions."

Whilst I would contest your statement that the data is not held, I can readily believe that the data is not collated (for whatever reason).

In an attempt to discover more about this process I now request the folowing:

I am aware that the WCA process is still a clerical process (at least for ESA) with actual documents being couriered to and fro between the DWP and CHDA.

A re-referal back to CHDA for a face to face WCA would obviously involve a form to be completed by the Decision Maker, to be returned to CHDA with the claimants documnents in the ESA55 jacket.

[1] Please supply an example of this Decision Makers re-referal/request for Face to Face assessment form, along with any associated documents.

[2] Please also supply a copy of the guidance used by the Decision Maker to help decide when such a re-referal for F2F assessment should take place.

[3] Please supply the guidance to the Decision Maker of the steps to be taken to correctly process the re-referal, including guidance about entries to be made on the claimants file, records of the re-referal to be kept, etc.

Yours faithfully,

S. Gwilliam

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Dear S Gwilliam,

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Yours sincerely,

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