Diversity statistics for 2016-2018 [undergraduate law]

Jasonara Stathamara made this Freedom of Information request to University of Winchester as part of a batch sent to 36 authorities

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The request was partially successful.

Jasonara Stathamara

Dear Sir/Madam,

The following request refers to students who enrolled in a law-related (i.e. Group M) course at the university in the following three years: 2016, 2017, 2018.

By ‘law-related course’, I refer to both single honours law and any law with a language, law with a year abroad, or joint honours law programmes which admitted students during this period.

My request:

Please provide the following information about the relevant students’ background for each of the three years (2016, 2017, 2018):

a. The % of students who are Black or Minority Ethnic (‘BME’);

b. The % of UK-domiciled students who have come from a postcode that falls within POLAR4 young participation quintiles 1 or 2;

c. The % of all students (UK and EU and non-EU) who attended a private/fee-paying/independent school;

d. The 10 most commonly-occurring secondary schools among all students who enrolled, whether these are located in the UK or abroad. Please provide this as a list in descending order of enrolment.

Best Regards,
Jason Markoutsis

Joseph.Dilger, University of Winchester

Dear Jason,

Thank you for your FOI request below of 6 August 2019.
Please see the University's response below on your questions a to c for the years requested.
For your question d, a refusal notice will follow as the University is refusing to disclose the information requested here under the 'Section 43 – trade secrets and prejudice to commercial interests' exemption to FOI.


2016: 5%
2017: 6.19%
2018: 6.67%


2016: 38.36%
2017: 36.56%
2018: 32.20%


2016: 6.25%
2017: 1.03%
2018: 0.83%


Best wishes,

Joe Dilger CIPP/E/M/US/A/C
GDPR Project Lead, Data Protection Officer and FOI Officer.
The University of Winchester.

Tel: 01962 827 670.

Email: [email address]

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