Dispensing and Staffing Statistics in England

The request was refused by ASDA Stores Limited.

Benjamin D'Montigny

Dear ASDA Stores Limited,

I would like to request information regarding the breakdown of staffing levels and dispensed item figures within each branch in England over the most recent 24 month period presented in a spreadsheet format with the following headers. Please omit any store that does not contain a pharmacy department.

1) The average number of prescription items dispensed per branch

2) Average working hours fulfiled by Dispensers and Technicians* per branch

(*Personal that has acquired and completed a Level 2 NVQ or Level 3 in Pharmacy Service Skills or equivalent, please exclude Relief and Locum staff)

3) Average hourly wage of Dispensers working within the branch

4) Average hourly wage of Technicians working within the branch

Yours faithfully,

Benjamin D'Montigny

Benjamin D'Montigny

Dear ASDA Stores Limited,

For item 1 of my request, due to the nature of the information that I am seeking, my request would be more appropriately addressed to the NHS directly, and I do not require this information at this time.

For clarification on points 4 & 5 of my request, and to ensure the right to public information be balanced with the right of the individual to have their own personal data protected, I would like to adjust the request on these points as follows

The average salary of Pharmacy Technicians and Dispensers across the company.
The average working hours for Dispensers and Technicians combined across the company.

Yours faithfully,

Benjamin D'Montigny

Faisal Tuddy, ASDA Stores Limited


Thank you for your email.

Wed 22nd May, I am in London at the PSNC
Thursday 23rd May, I am in London at the PSNC
Friday 24th May, Holiday
Mon 27th May, Bank Holiday

I will be back in the office in the 28th May if you need urgent assistence, depending on your query, please contact a member of the team below.

• For all Pharmacy Compliance Issues, Contact Denise Laidlaw on [email address] (07772 227129) or Trevor Povey on [email address]

• For Commercial Issues Department 38 (Prescriptions) please contact [email address]

• For Pharmacy Operations please contact [email address] (07483307517)

• For Pharmacy Services please contact [email address]

• For Commercial Issues for Department 40 (Over the Counter) please contact Dahlia Stroud on [email address]

Kind Regards


Faisal Tuddy, ASDA Stores Limited

Dear Mr D’Montigny

I write in response to your email of 26 April 2019, requesting certain information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (“FOIA”). Please see below for our response – I have used the numbering in your email.

1. This information is publicly available – it is published by the NHSBSA - and, as a result, we are not required to provide it.
2. As you know, Asda’s obligations in relation to FOIA apply only to the extent that it provides NHS services. It is our view that this information relates to our pharmacy services more generally and we are unable to get to a quantum for NHS Services.
3. This is commercially sensitive information.
4. This is commercially sensitive information.


Faisal Tuddy
Superintendent Pharmacist
Asda House, Great Wilson Street, Leeds, LS11 5AD
T/ 0113 826 2076
M/ 07779 700 220
E/ [email address]

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