Disley A6 Cycle lanes - built cycleway differs hugely from proposed scheme

A. Sheridan made this Freedom of Information request to Cheshire East Council

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The request was partially successful.

Dear Cheshire East Council,


As part of the SEMMMS A6 to Manchester Airport Relief Road works, the A6 through Disley received a package of "mitigation" including painted advisory (dashed) cycle lanes northwards from the village on Buxton Road West.

Unfortunately, as a regular user of this route, I have found these to be a complete hazard. I was shocked recently, then, to discover that this is not how the scheme should have been implemented. I found the original consultation boards, showing in full the road layout and markings for the lanes. Several things are striking compared to what was built:

• Solid "mandatory" lines instead of the "advisory" in the built scheme

This means the lanes would have been free of all vehicles, and enforceable by police, at all times - mandatory that vehicles stay out of them, not that cyclists use them. This is the single biggest issue facing the scheme.

• All traffic islands removed - except a new crossing near Lyme Park

Every single one of the old islands, which are not crossings, should have been removed, with the solid mandatory cycle lane continuing through them. As built, only the new Lyme Park pedestrian refuge was completed with the dashed cycle lanes suddenly stopping at each island, putting cyclists in incredible unnecessary danger.

• Additional red surfacing at dangerous junctions

Where the lanes cross junctions, they should have been given red surfacing to highlight their presence to vehicles turning in and out. Ideally this red surfacing should have been applied to the entire scheme. As built, it was applied nowhere and thus many motorists appear not to even understand the presence of a cycle lane.

• Speed limit reduced to 30mph on dangerous Lyme bend

As far as I'm aware, this hasn't happened as a "40" sign still exists here. With the cycle lanes being only just as wide as standard handlebars, without any kerb or protection from the road, having vehicles pass on this dangerous tight bend is incredible unnerving and off-putting.

Information request:

Why was the scheme watered down to such an extent it has now made the road more dangerous, more daunting for cyclists, actively causing many locals to avoid it completely? At what point, and by whom, was this decision made? Why were advisory lanes chosen for the final design instead of mandatory? Why were the traffic islands not removed? Why was a coloured surface not applied? Why has Cheshire East consistently ignored the numerous comments and complaints from cyclists appalled by the design and implementation of the final built scheme?

Yours faithfully,

Anthony Sheridan

CCR FOI Investigation Team, Cheshire East Council

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Date: 5 June 2019
Our Reference: 5254665
Dear Sir/Madam
Environmental Information Regulations 2004
Thank you for your request regarding Disley A6 Cycle lanes.
Your request has been identified as falling within the scope
of Environmental Information Regulations 2004. As when responding to an
FOI request, we will send you a full response within 20 working days,
either supplying you with the information you require, or explaining to
you why we cannot supply it. However, under the EIR Act, the provision
exists to extend the response time to 40 working days, if the request is
felt to be particularly complex or voluminous. Should this be the case, we
will of course notify you in good time. 

The due date is 3 July 2019.
If we need any further clarification or there is a problem, we will be in
We will either supply you with the information which has been requested,
or explain why we cannot supply it.

In the meantime if you wish to discuss this further please contact me. It
would be helpful if you could quote the reference number quoted above.

Yours faithfully
Kate Tomlinson
Compliance and Customer Relations Assistant
Cheshire East Council
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Date: 2 July 2019
Our Reference: 5254665
Dear Mr Sheridan
Thank you for your request for information received on 5 June 2019.
Please find attached our response to your request.
Yours sincerely
Emily White
Technical Administrative Officer
Cheshire East Council
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