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Dear Sir or Madam,

Who oversees and sorts out issues connected with Motobility discriminating against the discretionary via process?

Consequently I have not had assessment & lost £1000s being hoodwinked on line[ trading standards??} as to portability & having to keep a disabled electric scooter in drive when raining all day when told could put in hatchback . .

Needed urgent assistance yet Motobility did not get in contact after awarded higher rate mobility DLA. Only found out after & realised needed van could drive scooter in - only new ones have- as no carer. After being told scooter was portable for someone with problems[ cardiac]

But said had backlog & needed urgently so had to buy second hand one & have hoist put in which can't manage easily as also dyspraxic and damaging scooter.

Needless to say had to sell brand new car at a loss and never to this day has anyone been willing to address financial loss matters including MP .

I feel this is unfair & discriminatory since banks make millions through the scheme yet cannot address issues/problems urgently.Likewise Charity Commission .

Yours faithfully,

Julie Shrive

DPTAC, Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee

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Dear Ms Shrive

I attach a response to your e-mail of 13 July 2009 which was addressed to DPTAC.


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