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Jenny Hitchcock made this Freedom of Information request to Hounslow Borough Council

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The request was successful.

Jenny Hitchcock

Dear Hounslow Borough Council,

Please can you provide me with all the correspondence relating to the disabled parking bay which has just been installed on St Mary's Drive in Bedfont.
I do not recall seeing any signs declaring it and would have objected if I had known

Yours faithfully,

Jenny Hitchcock

Freedom of Information, Hounslow Borough Council

Dear Resident/Member of the public,

Thank you for your email about a Freedom of Information.

We will either deal with your request or pass it onto our service teams to
provide you with a response.    

o   Freedom of Information (FOI) requests – the Council will respond
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o   To comply with the Local Government Transparency Code 2015 further
information can be found
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 Yours sincerely,

Customer Relations Team


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1. https://www.hounslow.gov.uk/info/20110/o...
2. https://www.hounslow.gov.uk/info/20110/o...

Freedom of Information, Hounslow Borough Council

Dear J Hitchcock

Thank you for your FOI request of 21 June 17
Please can you provide clarification on your request -are you seeking internal correspondence on the Disabled Bay concerned or any publicly available material or both
For example any Committee material or objections made from residents etc
On your reply I will pass to the relevant service area.Pl reply to the [Hounslow Borough Council request email] email address

Andrew Hodgkinson
Customer Relations Officer
Corporate Resources 0208 583 5197

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Jenny Hitchcock

Dear Andrew

I am seeking both, me and other residents did not see any material related to this bay being placed.

Yours sincerely,

Jenny Hitchcock

Seth Twombley, Hounslow Borough Council

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Dear Ms Hitchcock




I am writing regarding your request for information dated 29 June 2016.
You have requested the following:


                Please can you provide me with all the correspondence
relating to the disabled parking bay which has just been installed on St
Mary's Drive in Bedfont.

                I do not recall seeing any signs declaring it and would
have objected if I had known


Our response:


After checking that an application meets the criteria, we undertake an
assessment of the site prior to giving approval for the bay application to
proceed further.


A technical drawing is then produced of the bay and the proposal is then
advertised as part of a required 21 day statutory consultation period. It
is advertised in the local paper, on our website, and placed on local lamp
columns by our contractor Hounslow Highways (as well as a copy being held
at the counter here at the Civic Centre).  


A copy of the ‘Traffic Management Order’ (TMO) is attached, the statutory
consultation period ended 28 April 2017 (as explained in the attached
TMO). In this instance, no objections were received to the proposal
therefore the contractor was instructed to proceed.


I have not included a copy of the original application form submitted to
us as this contains personal information relating to the applicants
medical conditions, we are also currently undergoing an office move and
the majority of such records have been sent away for scanning.


The response to your request has been dealt with under the Freedom of
Information Act 2000.


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Open Government Licence. However, the copyright of some of the information
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Survey). Individuals and organisations are free to re-use any information
covered by the Open Government Licence for commercial or non-commercial
purposes, provided the terms of the licence are adhered to. Where the
copyright of the information is owned by another person or organisation,
you must apply to the copyright owner to obtain their permission for


Should you wish to make a request for information again, please complete
our online form accessed via the link below as this will provide us with
the required information to ensure a prompt response to your request:
Freedom Of Information online request


Should you feel that the Council has dealt with your request for
information inappropriately or wish to request a review of this response
please contact the FOI/EIR Review Officer at [Hounslow Borough Council request email]


I hope this is useful, should you need any further information please let
me know and I will see what I can do to assist.


Yours sincerely



Seth Twombley

Transport Project Officer (Consultation, Community Engagement, Business
Systems) REDe

London Borough of Hounslow

Office: 020 8583 5213


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