Disability Equality Impact assessment on taking reports of fraud on hot line and its processes

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Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

I would like to see your Disability Equality Impact assessment around the policy to take allegations of benefit fraud against disabled people.

I want to know how you have addressed risk and impact on disabled people of such false allegations and how you will ensure disabled people are not disadvantaged by this policy.

For instance false allegations made maliciously and as a form of hate crime against them.

It is a requirement of the DDA duties to carry out such EIA's regularly so could you please send me the most up to date version.I would like to know how you ensured disabled people were involved in this EIA process too please.

If you have not addressed these issues in an EIA please send me all other information, polices, risk assessments etc that address this issue please and explain why you are not abiding by this legal requirment.

Also it is against the Human Rights convention on the rights of people with disabilities to perpetuate and encourage hostility in any way towards disabled people so how are you ensuring you comply with this new requirement under human rights legisaltion when you positively encourage such reports of fraud and have not made any effore to address or monitor the levals of false allegations as evidenced by your response to my previous request around numbers of false allegations and ensuring such false allegations are reported to the polcie as hate crime.

Yours faithfully,

A. Novis

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Dear A Novis

Please see attached response to your FoI request.

Kind regards

Central FoI Team

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