Disability Denial and the Human Rights Act

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Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

I have just read:

"Since signing the UN Convention on the Rights of Disabled People in 2009, successive British governments have not fulfilled their responsibilities. This has now resulted in between 1,300 to 10,600 people dying after having had their health benefits withdrawn over the last 3 years. Researchers and NGO’s have catalogued multiple abuses and malpractice by government agencies and contracted private corporations who administer unnecessary medical tests, which the British Medical Association has unanimously voted for to be ceased immediately. Yet they continue daily, causing immense terror in the disabled community."

So my questions are thus

1) When you are taken to task about these abuses in human rights will the sick & disabled get reparation for their maltreatment by your disability denial factory ATOS?
2) When someone dies after being found "fit" for work will you compensate the spouse/partner & children of the bereaved?
3) will you compensate the disabled for losses accrued whilst appealing?
4) how many people have appealed since they get nothing to live off (I refer to clause 99)when they are found "fit" for work?
5) When are you going to have proper WCAs? With proper medical evidence? Off proper medical personal?
6) How many appeals are you expecting when your disability denial factory (ATOS and their ilk) perform the "medicals" for PIP?
7) how much does each appeal cost?
8) How many Freedom of information requests did you have BEFORE the welfare reform started? And After? Please give data for every year.
(i) please give me the number of all FOIs about the WCA for every year since the WCA started?
(ii) please can you give me the number of FOIs you received about sanctions on JSA since they started?
(iii) please give me the number of FOIs received about income support BEFORE the welfare reform and after?

Please can you give me all the data I requested and answer all the questions

Yours faithfully,

C Robinson

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Sian Lowe left an annotation ()

Dennis Skinner asked the PM if David's Coupe's widow would get an ex gracia payment when her terminally ill husband was denied benefits and found fit for work see this video http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-24...
And http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-24...
The treatment of the sick and disabled by the Govt, ATOS and the DWP are so sick (especially as the UK - like the USA - dictate to the rest of the world how to live) and they will continue getting bonuses as sick/disabled people keep on dying. A friend of mine works with disabled people and has taken some to the assessments that can only be described as a farce. One person that I know of can't walk, is on morphine for pain and yes (you've guessed it) he's fit for work! I just hope the human rights courts can get these people justice.

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Dear C Robinson,

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D Robinson left an annotation ()

So they don’t run a disability denial factory?
Ok let’s look at the evidence
Many people have commited suicide for either failing a WCA or simply denied benefits?
See all these links

I could spend the rest of the night filling in websites about your disability denial factory ATOS (I even have saved web pages of articles about ATOS in countries as far away as Australia and the USA and none of them talk in “glowing terms” about you nor ATOS)
Isn’t a known fact they ATOS and your DM’s get bonuses for making the most ill in our society suffer?
Hasn’t ex-ATOS doctors’ and nurses’ turned on the evil company that they, in good conscience couldn’t work for any more?
Hasn’t there been whistle-blowers’ in the DWP that’s blown the gaffe on your bonus culture? With bonus parties and sanctions of the unemployed all being exposed, do I have to add dozens of web links about this practice, or are you going to admit that you do all this evil things?

Gretchen Storme left an annotation ()

Is this still being pursued? I'd like more info on the situation if you have it.