Disability benefit fraud statistics

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Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

I am sent this to the home office but they say to ask you to try and get a

There has been many speeches from yourselves about the level of
fraud by disabled people claiming related benefits which is giving
the impression that such fraud is extremely high.

I would like to have your figures please for levels of fraud by
disabled people claiming disability related benefits like DLA,
Incapacity benefit and any other associated benefit.

I would also like a comparison with the level of fraud around other
benefits like JSA and income support.

I am very concerned at the way you are portraying disabled people
as the worst fraudulent claimants and would like to see all related
evidence please.

I would also like to know what agreement you have with the Sun
newspaper re reporting possible fraudulent benefit
claimants,including disabled people, as they state you support


What plans do you have in place to ensure those who maliciously
report a disabled person falsely to the Sun or DWP receive an
appropriate penalty such as reporting them to the police for
committing Hate Crime against the disabled person?

Obviously encouraging people to behave in hostile ways towards
disabled people is not apropriate and illegal so how will you
ensure the legal and human rights of the disabled individual
falsely accused of benefit fraud and subjected to a full DWP
investigation and the accompanying stress this causes?

I look forward to a full answer to all these request please.

Yours faithfully,

A. Novis

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DWP Adelphi Freedom-of-Information-Request, Department for Work and Pensions

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Dear A Novis

Please see attached response to your FoI request.

Kind regards

Central FoI Team

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Sue Tilley left an annotation ()

Dear A Novis,
I would be very interested to hear more about your campaign on behalf of the disabled, as my sister has been discriminated against in this despicable way. I think there should be transparency in the reporting system, and some accountability against the bigots contributing to the spurious and malicious reporting which only serves to compound and reflect the worst traits in human behaviour against those members of society least able to defend themselves.