Disability benefit for naughty kids

Dee Patel made this Freedom of Information request to Prime Minister's Office

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Dear Prime Minister’s Office,

Just a quick one to ask, we are all obviously facing cut backs etc can I ask why the benefits system feels the need to pay money to children with "adhd" "add"?? I myself have ptsd, never claimed once, my nephew is hyper really naughty, and his teacher referred him to an adha specialist claiming my sister in law "would get extra help" monetary no doubt, this is a genuine question, why do parents of children with "adhd" etc need the extra money

Yours faithfully, jess

FOI Team Mailbox, Prime Minister's Office

Thank you for your recent email, copied below. Unfortunately, we cannot
accept a request without a full and valid name. Please provide same if you
wish to continue with this request. If we do not hear from you within two
months of the date of this email we will consider the matter closed.




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