Directors salaries, governance and contracts outside Wales

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Dear Finance Wales Public Limited Company,

I am looking for details of Directors salaries for the last 2 financial years as I note you do not publish this information in line with other publicly funded bodies. If this is available I would like to be directed to the correct site or page.

I would like this provided with details of salary and bonus by role. I will accept these as bands of £5,000 as the Welsh Assmebly Government provides. I also want to understand any instances of increases to Directors salaries within the same time period and the governance oversight these were subject to as well as the basis and dates for any increases. Outline any oversight arrangements for these by Welsh Assembly Government.

I also require details of remuneration and expenses for Board members and any documents which specify the arrangements for proper recruitment and appointment of your chairman and board members. Also outline any oversight arrangements by Welsh Assembly Government.

I also require details of time spent and costs incurred by the same directors in support of your contracts outside Wales. I wish to understand how this time is accounted for and how you ensure that there is no cost to the Welsh taxpayer. To narrow my request I require details of time spent on any activity related to the management or pursuit of contracts outside Wales. Provide details of any expenses also associated with the same activity and provide the protocol documents that govern how these are properly accounted for.

I note in your defence of FW Capital that a benefit of £2.5m would be felt by the Welsh Ecomomy by way of profits including £1m to invest in Welsh businesses. Please also provide details of where and how these monies have been used for the good of Wale

Yours faithfully,

Tomes Edwards

Beverley Downes, Development Bank of Wales plc

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Dear Tomos Edwards,


I write in reference to your Freedom of Information Request which is
currently under review.


I am writing to clarify that when you specify information relating to
Directors, that you are referring to Company Directors,


Yours sincerely,


Beverley Downes

Beverley Downes 
Cyfarwyddwr Marchnata a Chyfathrebu
Marketing and Communications Director

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Mae hyn yn golygu na fydd unrhyw un o endidau'r grŵp yn gallu derbyn
dyddodion gan y cyhoedd. Mae siart strwythur cyfreithiol cyflawn ar gyfer
Banc Datblygu Cymru ccc ar gael yn

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Development Bank of Wales plc (Banc Datblygu Cymru ccc) is the holding
company of a Group that trades as Development Bank of Wales. The Group is
made up of a number of subsidiaries which are registered with names
including the initials DBW. Development Bank of Wales plc is a development
finance company wholly owned by the Welsh Ministers and it is neither
authorised nor regulated by the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) or
the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The Development Bank of Wales (Banc
Datblygu Cymru ccc) has three subsidiaries which are authorised and
regulated by the FCA. Please note that neither the Development Bank of
Wales plc (Banc Datblygu Cymru ccc) nor any of its subsidiaries are
banking institutions or operate as such. This means that none of the group
entities are able to accept deposits from the public. A complete legal
structure chart for Development Bank of Wales plc can be found at


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