Directorate of Naval Security

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Dear Ministry of Defence,

Thank you for your quick response to my previous query (Ref. FOI2021/03656). I have another query which I hope you can answer.

I would like to know about the Directorate of Naval Security (DNSy). Please can you answer the following questions about DNSy:

1. When was the DNSy founded and is it still in existence today? Is it under a new name? What can you tell me about its history?

2. What were - or are - DNSy's main responsibilities and duties? Is it an overarching authority on Naval security policy or does it have an investigative remit? If so, does it investigate Naval security breaches only or does it investigate anything to do with the Royal Navy, including criminal matters such as fraud? Does it investigate civilians accused of breaching Navy security?

3. Where is DNSy located? Has this location changed in the last 60 years?

4. How many staff within the DNSy are Naval personnel and how many are serving civil servants or civilian employees? Do you know the same statistics for the DNSy in 1972?

5. Would DNSy approach the BBC direct if there was a suspected security leak of Navy secrets on a BBC TV show? Or would DNSy normally pass such enquiries to the police or civilian agency?

6. Is there anywhere else you advise that I should go to regarding UNCLASSIFIED information on DNSy e.g. books, journals, government publications?

Thank you in advance for your response.

Yours faithfully,