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Measure Up! made this Freedom of Information request to Brighton and Hove City Council

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The request was partially successful.

Dear Brighton and Hove City Council,

1.Please provide a copy of your policy regarding the trialling of SEN Direct Payments and personal budgets.

2. Please confirm whether all parents/carers issued with a new or amended statement since January 2012 have been informed about their right to apply for a Direct Payment for SEN provision under the Special Educational Needs (Direct Payments) (Pilot Scheme) Order 2012. How has this information been provided? Please provide a copy of any standard leaflet or letter issued together with confirmation of date of issue.

3. Please confirm the number of parents/carers who are receiving SEN Direct Payments and what those Direct Payments relate to.

4. Please confirm whether any of these SEN Direct Payments could be provided outside the Pathfinder project, e.g. payments under Part 6 of a statement for transport.

5. Please provide a copy of your policy for considering requests for direct payments for SEN provision. If you do not have a policy, please confirm whether there are any limits placed on direct payments applications, e.g. they will not be provided if the LA has a block contract or there is a financial limit. Please confirm whether these criteria are communicated to parents and provide a copy of that document .

6. Please confirm your arrangements for reviewing appeals against a refusal of a request for SEN Direct Payments. Please provide a copy of any policy and any leaflet/letter issued to parents explaining this.

7. Please confirm what information is provided to parents/carers about the trialling of personal budgets. Please provide a copy of any leaflet or letter issued.

8. Please confirm how many parents/carers are receiving a personal budget within the auspices of the Pathfinder project?

9. Please confirm how parents/carers in receipt of SEN Direct Payments/ personal budgets obtained the information to make an application. For example, were they:

(a) sent the information with a new or amended statement
(b) recruited as part of a specific pilot
(c) neither (a )or (b), the family approached the LA having heard about SEN Direct Payments/personal budgets from other sources

10. Please provide a copy of your local offer.
Yours faithfully,

Measure Up!

Freedom Of Information, Brighton and Hove City Council

Thank you for your request for information and I confirm we shall respond no later than 5th August 2013.

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Christopher Flynn, Brighton and Hove City Council

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Regarding your request for information  under the Freedom of Information
Act 2000:  Ref:  foi/657/13


Please find set out below the information in response to the above


 1. Copy of SE7 booklet re personal budgets enclosed.


 2. A letter was sent to all parents of children with SEN in August 2012
offering parents the option of having a personal budget. Copy
attached. The draft DFE guidance states that the Order does not
prescribe what needs to be provided, and in practice the level of
information and advice will need to reflect the authorities plans to
make direct payments under the scheme to avoid any unnecessary raising
of expectations amongst parents and families.


 3. 5 families for  home to school travel


 4. All direct payments are made to families whoa re participating in the
pathfinder pilot.


 5. We have been prepared to explore a range of areas as potential
personal budgets. No fixed policy.


 6. Has not arisen in this LA.


 7. See responses to Q1 and Q2


 8. 5


 9. See Q2.. We wrote to all qualifying  parents  ie those with children
with statements. Information was also posted on our parent partnership
organisation’s website.


10.  The outline of the Local Offer is available on the BHCC website. This
is based on a framework coproduced with parents across SE7.



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