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Dear VisitScotland,
Please could you provide the following information?
1. Number of Sites
2. Number of Employees
3. Number of IT Staff
4. Annual IT Budget for current financial year
5. Number of Datacentres and locations, owned or third party
6. What storage vendor(s) and model do you currently use?
a. When was the installation date of above storage vendor(s)?
b. When is your planned (or estimated) storage refresh date? (Month/year)
c. What is your estimated budget for the refresh?
d. What date does your storage support contract end? (Month/year)
e. What is the value of your storage support contract?
f. What is the capacity of the storage data in TB?
7. What compute vendor(s) and model do you currently use?
a. Number of servers?
b. Virtualisation platform?
c. When is your planned (or estimated) compute refresh date? (Month/year)
d. When does your compute support contract end? (Month/year)
8. Do you currently utilise VDI?
a. How many desktops do you delivery VDI to?
b. What infrastructure underpins your VDI environment?
c. What broker do you use for VDI
9. Do you utilise public cloud?
a. How much is your annual spend on public cloud facilities?
b. What cloud provider do you use?

Yours faithfully,

Hannah McDermot

FOI Requests, VisitScotland

Good morning Hannah

I'm acknowledging receipt of your FOI request and will answer this as quickly as possible and certainly by Friday 27 March 2020.


Leon Thompson

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FOI Requests, VisitScotland

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Good afternoon Hannah

I've attached VisitScotland's response.

Many thanks


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