Digital Dictation

Marc Cousins made this Freedom of Information request to Worcestershire Primary Care Trust (PCT)

The request was successful.

From: Marc Cousins

Dear Worcestershire Primary Care Trust (PCT),

Under the freedom of information act, please could you tell me:
1) The names of any hospitals (including any secondary care
provision such as community or mental health) that fall under your
2) Whether any of the afore mentioned bodies use digital dictation
and/or Speech Recognition. If so which organisations use what
3) If none are used or they are only used in some areas, are there
any plans to implement these type of systems more extensively to
increase efficiency and improve patient care?
4) If Systems are already in place, when are they to be reviewed.

Yours faithfully,

Marc Cousins

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From: Worcs, Foi

Dear Mr Cousins

Thank you for your request for information under the Freedom of Information Act. We would advise you that NHS Worcestershire is a commissioning-only organisation and does not manage any hospitals. We would suggest that you contact the following organisations who may hold this information.

Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust who can be contacted via: [email address] and Worcestershire Health & Care NHS Trust who can be contacted via: [email address].

Freedom of Information Team
NHS Worcestershire

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