Did Colette Kavanagh also work with and for ‘Liverpool Direct’ with David McElhinney

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Dear Liverpool City Council,

Freedom of information
Date; May 27th 2019
Please could your office supply the following:

1- Colette Kavanagh Retired from Liverpool City Council, is she the wife of Nick Kavanagh or another family member, and why has she retired in March 2019

2- Did Colette Kavanagh also work with and for ‘Liverpool Direct’ with David McElhinney as his commercial director

Yours faithfully,
Ms J Wilson

Dear Liverpool City Council,

Why is there a long delay on this?
We need a reply, please.
It's not going to just go away and the public need to find out facts, not hide them.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Wilson Jr

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If it helps, the 2011/12 Business Plan for OCL (the Lancashire version of LDL) names Colette Kavanagh as a member of the senior management team of the company, as Director of Performance & Business Development. She simultaneously held the same role in LDL. As you will know, McElhinney was the CEO of both companies. Also simultaneously.
She was an employee of Liverpool City Council throughout, on secondment. There are details of how the bonuses these people received from OCL and LDL (but paid by the respective councils) were worked out and approved with the other documents on the founding of the respective JVs, made available on this site in response to FOIA requests.
The business plans I refer to above are no longer available on the internet (any trace of either company has been removed), but there are copies around.

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