Details of Veolia’s Waste Management Contract

Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council did not have the information requested.

Dear Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council,

For the current contract(s) tendered/won and now in place with Veolia for waste management in the borough, please respond to the following with supporting documentation:-

1. The scope of services.
2. The specification to which the services must be provided including legal requirements, acts of Parliament, codes of practice, QA standards & benchmarks and council specific requirements.
3. Was ISO 9000 accreditation a pre-requisite for delivering this contract?
4. Please provide full details of the QA/QC requirements for this contract - inspection and testing regime for all works including works sign off process/evidencing and by whom and the control of non- conforming works procedures.
5. Please confirm when the current Veolia contract(s) started and when it will end.
6. Please confirm how many NCRs (or non compliance notices or similar) have been issued to Veolia.
7. Does the contract provide for any financial penalties for non delivery / poor performance?
8. If yes please confirm examples of what these could be for.
9. How many financial penalties have been issued?
10. Please provide a copy of the council’s management org chart to manage / oversee the Veolia contract including names / positions/ duties / pay grades.
11. Please provide a copy of the Veolia org chart for delivering the contract - no names necessary so if no org chart provided or available from Velioa please just list the minimum management roles /positions and resources required by the council under the contract(s).
12. Please confirm the value of the current Veolia contract(s).

Yours faithfully,

Danny Lucas