Details of the S106 agreement and amendments for Queens Hills

adam Haden made this Freedom of Information request to South Norfolk District Council

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

The request was successful.

Dear South Norfolk District Council,

Please can you provide details in relation to the estate in which I reside, Queens Hills, Costessey:-

-A copy, or summary of the agreements made in the S106.
-Any amendments made to the S106 since the original agreement (if applicable).
-The number of properties originally agreed and the number currently agreed.

Yours faithfully,

Adam Haden

Right2Know, South Norfolk District Council

Dear Adam Haden,

Thank you for your request of information which is being considered. You may be aware that we have to respond to Freedom of Information (FOI) requests within 20 working days and as soon as is reasonably practicable, therefore you will receive a response by 06 July 2017 or earlier.

For your information, the Act defines a number of exemptions, which may prevent release of the information you have requested. There will be an assessment and if any of the exemption categories apply then some or all of the information may not be released. You will be informed if this is the case, including your rights of appeal.

If any of the information you have requested is not contained in a recorded format, South Norfolk Council is not obliged to create information for the purpose of responding to your request

There may be a fee payable for ‘reasonable disbursement’ costs such as postage and photocopying. This will be considered and you will be informed if a fee is payable. In this event the fee must be paid before the information is processed and released. The 20 working day time limit for responses is suspended until receipt of the payment.

If you have any queries or concerns then please let me know. If you do contact us again concerning this request, please quote FOI 17-270.


Hannah Mawson
Corporate Customer Services Advisor
t 0808 168 2000

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Right2Know, South Norfolk District Council

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Dear Adam

I refer to your Freedom of Information request to which I am now in a position to respond. The S106 agreements applying to this development can be found on our website using the planning application reference numbers supplied in the attached spreadsheet:

In terms of the number of properties; the original planning permission was granted for ’48 hectares Residential development, construction of a loop road, new bridge over River Tudd and Country Park’ . There was no number of dwellings specified. We have granted permission for 1879 dwellings on this site.

I hope this is of assistance and is sufficient to meet your requirements, but if, for whatever reason you wish to get back to me, please feel free to do so. In particular if you are unhappy with the information provided or how your request was handled please let me know and I will explain how you can request an internal review of our decision.

Please quote FOI 17-270 in any further correspondence concerning this request.


Emma Goddard
Senior Governance Officer
t 01508 533943 e [email address]

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