Details of detention at HMP Maghaberry of Aidan Grew and his sister, Patricia O'Neill

leanne flynn made this Freedom of Information request to Northern Ireland Prison Service

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Dear Northern Ireland Prison Service,

I am a human rights advocate concerned with human rights in prisons
for staff and prisoners. I am writing from Canada about two people
that I read about in UK newspapers about a year ago. Their
situation seems very confused. I appreciate your time in helping to
clarify that.

Item #1: (a) Please provide information on the date and times that
Patricia O'Neill, sister of Aidan Grew was held for questioning at HMP
Maghaberry. It was reported in the BBC newspaper and other major
newspapers that Patricia O'Neill was detained at that location. I am
requesting the dates, times, and reasons for that detention, and
any charges that might have been laid as a result of that
detention. (b) Also, would your office classify that detention as an
"interrogation" by your own office standards and language. (c) Also, is
your office aware that Ms. Patricia O'Neill was also held for
questioning on the same day by a different office, her local police station? (d) Did your office hold any telephone, text or email correspondence with that the Northern Ireland Police station on the day of her incarceration and questioning? Did any employee of your office request, direct, or guide the incarceration or questioning of Patricia O'Neill in September 2011, or any other date? (e) Are there any records of those communications? (f) What offices or persons were informed by employees of your office in September 2011 or afterwards of details about Patricia O'Neill's incarceration at HMP Maghaberry and the local Belfast police station where Patricia O'Neill was held in September 2011? Please provide as many details or even verbal communication in note form as you can locate. I realize there would be few if any official records. I do appreciate that. (g) Could I have the names of officers that apprehended Patricia O'Neill and any honest description of what happened there? Was this on recommendation and with guidance of HMP Maghaberry staff? via telephone or (h) a previous training exercise that reviewed that type of questioning situation? was Marian Price McGlinchey incarcerated at HMP Maghaberry at the same time that Patricia O'Neill was interviewed there? These are important justice questions. And I would like to have a clarifying statement from your particular office.

Item #2: (a) Please provide information on the dates that Aidan Grew
was held at HMP Maghaberry and where he was transferred to and
when, or the date of his release. I have received telephone
confirmation from employees of HMP Maghaberry that he is no longer
at HMP Maghaberry, and would like to confirm that with your office.
(b) Also, please state the charge that Aidan Grew is facing at this
time. It is my understanding that he has paid his bail in full and
there were no charges forthcoming related to fraudulent cash or
monies accrued through crime in terms of his bail money. I
understand that the bail money was a day or so late, but it was
paid in full and Mr. Grew was not released. Any details you can
provide to clarify this for me would be greatly appreciated.

Yours faithfully,

Leanne Flynn

Dear Northern Ireland Prison Service,

The response to my FOI request has been delayed. Please respond as soon as you can with any information you can provide. Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

leanne flynn

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