Details of current telephone system /LAN/Wireless LAN

Michael Harrison made this Freedom of Information request to NHS Trafford Clinical Commissioning Group

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

The request was successful.

Dear NHS Trafford Clinical Commissioning Group,
Please provide the following information
1 Telephone System
1.1 The Brand.
1.2 When does the maintenance contract expire?
1.3 Who supplied the system?
1.4 Total number of extension of all types?
2 Exchange Lines
2.1 Total number of ISDN30e channels?
2.2 Total number of ISDN2e channels?
2.3 Total number of Analogue Lines?
3 Networking
3.1 How many different sites does the system serve?
3.2 How many DPNSS private circuits are in use?
3.3 How many QSIG 931 private circuits are in use?
3.4 If none of the above are used does the University Network via the WAN/
3.5 How much WAN bandwidth is used?
3.6 How much is the Private Circuit annual rental?
4 Extensions
4.1 How many analogue extensions?
4.2 How many digital extensions?
4.3 How many IP extensions?
4.4 How many SIP extensions.
5 Operator
5.1 How many Operator Consoles are there?
5.2 How many Screen Based Consoles are there/
6 Call Centre
6.1 Is there a Call Centre?
6.2 How many Agents?
7 IP Desktop
71. How many desktop pc, laptop, tablet devises in use across the estate?
8 Mandatory Dynamic Lock Down
8.1 In the redevelopment of the University will Administration be deploying the Governments new Policy. Notification to desktop devices.
9 South Trafford Health and Well Being Centre~ Market Street
9.1 Will the CCG be procuring
9.1.1 LAN
9.1.2 Wireless LAN
9.1.3 IP Telephone System
9.1.4 IP CCTV
9.1.4 IP Access Control
9.1.5 IP Public Address System
9.1.6 SIP Trunks (ISDN30 finishes 2025)
9.1.7 Will the legacy telephone system have capacity for this site

Yours faithfully,

Michael Harrison

FOI (NHS TRAFFORD CCG), NHS Trafford Clinical Commissioning Group

I am writing to acknowledge your recent request for information under the
Freedom of Information Act 2000.
NHS Trafford CCG will respond to your request within 20 working days
(working days within the NHS refers to Monday to Friday, excluding bank
holidays). If NHS Trafford CCG is unable to provide the requested
information we will write to you explaining the reason why.
As part of the this process we will also send you a FOI Monitor Form which
we will ask you to complete and return within 2 working days in order to
process your request, and this will be sent separately.
Please contact me on 0161 873 6093  if you have any queries regarding the
Yours sincerely
Liz Walker
Governance Support Officer
NHS Trafford CCG
1st Floor Crossgate House
Cross Street
M33 7FT
Tel: 0161 873 6093 (internal DDI – 1193)
Email: [1][email address]

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FOI (NHS TRAFFORD CCG), NHS Trafford Clinical Commissioning Group

1 Attachment

Dear Michael,


Please see the attached for your recent Freedom of Information request.


If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.


Many thanks,



NHS Trafford CCG

1^st Floor Crossgate House

Cross Street



M33 7FT


Email: [1][NHS Trafford CCG request email]




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