Details of current telephone system /LAN/Wireless LAN

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Dear Heriot-Watt University,
Please provide the following information
1 Telephone System
1.1 The Brand.
1.2 When does the maintenance contract expire?
1.3 Who supplied the system?
1.4 Total number of extension of all types?
2 Exchange Lines
2.1 Total number of ISDN30e channels?
2.2 Total number of ISDN2e channels?
2.3 Total number of Analogue Lines?
2.4 Total number of SIP Trunks?
3 Networking
3.1 How many different sites does the system serve?
3.2 How many DPNSS private circuits are in use?
3.3 How many QSIG 931 private circuits are in use?
3.4 If none of the above are used does the University Network via the WAN/
3.5 How much WAN bandwidth is used?
3.6 How much is the Private Circuit annual rental?
4 Extensions
4.1 How many analogue extensions?
4.2 How many digital extensions?
4.3 How many IP extensions?
4.4 How many SIP extensions.
5 Operator
5.1 How many Operator Consoles are there?
5.2 How many Screen Based Consoles are there/
6 Call Centre
6.1 Is there a Call Centre?
6.2 How many Agents?
7 IP Desktop
71. How many desktop pc, laptop, tablet devises in use across the estate?
8 Mandatory Dynamic Lock Down
8.1 In the redevelopment of the University will Administration be deploying the Governments new Policy. Notification to desktop devices

Yours faithfully,

Michael Harrison

Freedom Of Information,, Heriot-Watt University

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Dear applicant


Thank you for your company's request dated the 2nd November 2017.  Please
note that as a Scottish Institution, we comply with the Scottish
legislation.  Your request has been handled under the Freedom of
Information (Scotland) Act 2002; our procurement procedures comply with
the Procurement (Scotland) Act 2014.


We are presently tendering our telephone system and information you
require is contained in the tendering documentation which can be accessed
by clicking on the link below and following the instructions on the Public
Contracts Scotland website.




The release therefore falls under Section 25(1): Information which the
applicant can reasonably obtain other than by requesting it under section


Should you wish to undertake business with the University, please visit
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Please also note that Organisations/companies should consider their
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