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Dear Belfast City Council,

I searched on Belfast City Council's 2021 HMO Licence Register which is listed on the Council's website and could not find all the details required to be maintained as prescribed under The Houses in Multiple Occupation Act (Northern Ireland) 2016 c. 22 PART 5 HMO register Section 62, which has been in operation since 1/4/19. In particular, the name of the HMO licence applicant and their managing agent details are deficient.

Relevant extracts from the act are listed here for convenience:

"The register must contain details of each application for an HMO licence made to the council, including—

(a)the name of the applicant,
(b)the address of the living accommodation in question,
(c)the name of any managing agent specified in the application,
(d)the date on which the application was made."

"(3) The register must contain a note of the council's decision on each application, including in the case of decision to grant a licence—
(a)the name of the licence holder;"

Additionally, Section 62 states
"The council must make any entry relating to an HMO available for inspection, by any person who falls within subsection (9) in relation to that entry—

(a)at its head office at all reasonable times, and
(b)in such other manner as the council considers appropriate."

Subsection 9 states: "(9) A person falls within this subsection in relation to an entry if the person appears to the council—

(a)to have an interest or prospective interest in the HMO,
(b)to be a resident of the HMO, or
(c)to be otherwise sufficiently concerned with the information contained in the entry."

With this in mind, please supply in Excel format (as visits cannot be made to Council offices due to Covid-19) the following items from Belfast City Council's 2021 HMO Register:

(a) HMO Licence Number;
(b) HMO Licence Address;
(c) HMO Licence Holder(s) Full Name;
(d) HMO Licence Holders Correspondence Address;
(e) HMO Managing Agent's Name;
(f) HMO Managing Agent's Address;
(g) HMO Issue Date;
(h) HMO Licence Start Date;
(i) HMO Licence expiry Date.

Yours faithfully,


Kevin Bloomfield, Belfast City Council

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We don't know whether the most recent response to this request contains information or not – if you are James please sign in and let everyone know.