Destruction of Departmental Papers

JJ Evans made this Freedom of Information request to Civil Service Commission

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The request was partially successful.

Dear Civil Service Commission,

The Archer Report which published in 2009 was told by the government that someone within the civil service had destroyed departmental papers. This civil servant/s in question took a very wrong decision (I'm sure you will agree) to meticulously and selectively destroy departmental papers, this matter was never explored further. Will the commission be launching an investigation to find out why and how this individual managed to do and seemingly get away with such a thing? I enclose extracts from Lord David Owen's testimony below for your information.

I do not quite understand, for example, why all the names of the key people on this document are blocked out.

THE CHAIRMAN: I quite agree.

But, I mean, I do not quite understand why we are not told which civil servants made this decision to scrap all these documents.

This was not just a few documents; this was selectively going at the subject. Well, I am very against conspiracy theories, because they are usually torn out to be failures. The foul-up theory is much more frequent. But the more you look at this, the more you look at the question of what was happening in France, the more you begin to see people who were fearful of having the same legal processes going on in London and in this country,

LORD OWEN: …they tell us it was an official who did this on his own, and I think we should know who this official is and we should actually hear from him and, if he is still alive, ask him to give evidence.

Yours faithfully,

JJ Evans

Sean Edwards-Playne, Civil Service Commission

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Dear JJ Evans,
Further to your recent request for information, please see the attached.
Yours sincerely,
Sean Edwards-Playne

Sean Edwards-Playne


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