destinations data about Non EU international students at Coventry University

Merle Gering made this Freedom of Information request to Higher Education Statistics Agency
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Dear Higher Education Statistics Agency,

EIR request for destinations data on Coventry University students. – numbers of Non EU International students remaining in Coventry 6 months after completion of study.

Hi. The recent IPPR report ( strongly suggests that the international passenger survey – the basic ONS source of data on international migration - is grossly overestimating the number of non EU international students remaining in the UK after their study. In so far as this is true, it has a direct impact on the projected population growth of Coventry, and a huge impact on the environment, via permission being granted to build on greenbelt. As such it falls to be dealt with under the EIR. In so far as you compile data on the continued presence of foreign students in the UK, and any ensuing need for housing, under Section 2.2.d of the EIR, you are "providing public services relating to the environment.~" This request seeks to understand the overestimation of students remaining in Coventry, and the UK, on the Coventry environment.

Can you please supply under the Environmental Information Regulations.

1) Hesa Destinations Survey data – (DLHE) for the years 2005 to 2016, how many and what proportion of non EU international Coventry University students graduating in each year, were in employment in the UK 6 months after graduation, broken down by undergraduates and post graduates. How many were in employment outside the UK after 6 months. How many were not in employment and still in the UK. How many not in employment and outside the UK?

Please feel free to be in contact if you need any clarification.

Yours faithfully,
Merle Gering
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