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Designing a nation of backward ignorant narrow-minded prejudiced haters.

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Dear British Broadcasting Corporation,

RE: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foekje_Dil...

Does the great-big corporate machine of the British Broadcasting Corporation have the ability to have any sense of "sadness"? Or sense of  right and wrong? Is there a department that decides what kind of material is appropriate for broadcast?

For decades The British have been pumped full of All Male Football, and the BBC has paid billions of taxpayers' money to support this illegal and hateful activity.

This year 2019 the BBC is promoting "All Female Football".

Promoting any kind of sexual discrimination is both evil and illegal, as illuminated by what has happened to Foekje Dillema, and how her innocent life has been ruined by such hateful backward naziistic attitudes.

Who was the chairman of the board who made the decision to pump The British, full of this backward hate-crime-soaked propaganda? Was there a meeting with recorded minutes?

The Chairman of the Board of the BBC should remove this individual being funded by taxpayers' money.

Can the BBC Policy Department be contacted to request that all activities, whereby an individual that can be banned and have their life ruined by other humans making decisions about them based upon THE WAY IN WHICH GOD HIMSELF HAS CONSTRUCTED THEIR BODY,  be sanctioned by the British public broadcaster, to prevent taxpayer funds being given to them?

Was there ever a Strictly Come Dancing meeting with minutes deciding that two very butch or very effeminate homosexuals cannot compete?

Can the BBC broadcast material policy department be contacted to find out what is being done to eliminate intergenerational hate-inspired attitudes, NO MATTER HOW POPULAR SUCH ACTIVITIES MAY CURRENTLY APPEAR TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC?

The BBC in it's powerful position could easily promote, asexual football. Has the policy department considered spending taxpayers money funding this? Are there minutes of the meeting whereby it was discussed.

Yours faithfully,

H Kolstad.

FOI Enquiries, British Broadcasting Corporation

Dear H Kolstad,

Thank you for your request for information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. Your request was received on 7 July 2019. We will deal with your request as promptly as possible, and at the latest within 20 working days.

If you have any queries about your request, please contact us at the below address.

The reference number for your request is RFI20191153.

Yours sincerely

Information Rights, BBC Legal
BC2A4 | Broadcast Centre | 201 Wood Lane | London | W12 7TP

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FOI Enquiries, British Broadcasting Corporation

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Dear Sir/Madam,


Please find attached our response to your request for information
reference RFI20191153.


Yours sincerely,


Information Rights, BBC Legal

BC2A4, Broadcast Centre
201 Wood Lane, London W12 7TP

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We don't know whether the most recent response to this request contains information or not – if you are H Charbonville please sign in and let everyone know.