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Alistair Henderson

Dear Scottish Prison Service,

HMP Glasgow will be the biggest project SPS have ever undertaken. I’d like to find out how SPS approached and resourced this project. My questions are:

1. How many SPS estates staff worked on this project as the Client Team?
- Please provide a list of job titles with professional qualifications for each (i.e. Architect, Engineer, Surveyor, Project Manager etc…) and confirm which Chartered Membership they hold (i.e. Chartered Architect, Chartered Surveyor, Chartered Engineer, Chartered PM etc…)?

2. How many non-estates SPS staff were working on this project to develop the design brief?
- Please provide a list of job titles involved (e.g. Prison Officers, Managers, Directors etc...).

3. Baker Hicks were appointed to “provide support in the design and concept design of HMP Glasgow” under contract 01241/10 (Source – SPS Annual Procurement Report). Was £290,317 the total value of design services procured from Baker Hicks for HMP Glasgow? If not, please provide the full instructed value including any amendments to this contract?

4. Please list all the bodies outside SPS who were consulted about the design of HMP Glasgow?

5. Who wrote (department), and when (month and year), the overarching procurement process for HMP Glasgow?

6. The replacement prison for women at Cornton Vale incorporates “design improvements” to help SPS deliver “alternative methods of rehabilitation”. Was an Equality Impact Risk Assessment (or equivalent) undertaken by SPS at briefing stage to ensure that males in custody were given an equal opportunity for alternative rehabilitative care as women are being offered?

Yours faithfully,

Alistair Henderson

Thank you for your email.


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Street Kathryn,

Hi Alistair

Thank you for getting in touch with the Scottish Prison Service.

I have logged your FOI request for processing, we will be in touch with you within 20 working days.

Kind regards

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Nicoll Gillian,

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Dear Mr Henderson

Please find attached response to your Freedom of Information request below.

Kind regards


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