Depleted uranium advice to UK Afghan deployment

The request was partially successful.

Dear Ministry of Defence,

Please could I request copies of the advice concerning the presence, identification and harm reduction measures for depleted uranium provided to UK troops deployed to Afghanistan from 2001 onwards.

Yours faithfully,

Doug Weir

Alvin Pritchard. left an annotation ()

I can confirm that during the 1st Gulf War of 1990-1, Depleted Uranium dust was flying about uncontrollably on the battlefield from the many hundreds of DU tank shells fired by American and British armoured units.

After that conflict when many troops went down with a whole variety of serious illnesses, government policy on both sides of the pond was to deny EVERYTHING regarding ANY health issues connected with Depleted Uranium dust.

Many 1st Gulf war veterans have now sadly died of Cancers.

You sir will almost certainly receive a FOI response from the MOD convincing you that DU dust is so safe you can sprinkle it on your cornflakes!

DSEA-Secretariat Group Mailbox (MULTIUSER),

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Dear Mr Weir,

Please find attached our substantive response to your request for
Information dated 15^th July 2013.





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Gazz left an annotation ()

" The Countess of Mar

My Lords, I thank the Minister for his Answer. Does the noble Lord accept that depleted uranium has a half-life of 4.5 billion years; that because of its highly pyrophoric nature on impact it produces uranium dioxide dust which can be carried several miles in the wind; and that that dust is both chemically toxic and radioactive and is implicated in a number of cancers, including lung cancer and leukaemia, kidney problems and birth defects? Therefore, is the Minister satisfied with the safety of the community in Scotland where, I understand, test firing is carried out into the ground and into the Solway Firth from the Dundrennan army base near Kirkcudbright?

Lord Gilbert

My Lords, far be it from me to challenge the remarks or the mastery of statistics of the noble Countess, Lady Mar. All I can say is that we have no knowledge whatever of any danger to the civilian population living in the neighbourhood of that particular test range, just as we have absolutely no knowledge of any dangers sustained by Her Majesty’s Forces in the Gulf when DU was used in the conflict. "

What more do you need to know ?

see here ~

Fred WP Dawson left an annotation ()

This is a link to a video gives a good feel for the extent of the dust release during impact of DU against hard targets.

This a report of the measurements I made at Eskmeals

Alvin Pritchard. left an annotation ()

Fred WP Dawson:

Brilliant video evidence ... Thank you!

Now bear in mind when you watch that official video that during the 1st Gulf War of 1990-1, we had NO containment structures whatsoever regarding the containment of all that deadly DU dust which unfortunately for us was allowed to freely escape onto the battlefield and into the local atmosphere.

It is well documented that many thousands of DU rounds were fired in anger during that conflict.

I think the MOD have just shot themselves in the foot by releasing that footage.

Gazz left an annotation ()

Thanks for that Mr Dawson.

Amazing what you discover ~ once 'the dust' settles.

Fred WP Dawson left an annotation ()

This a video of an A10 attacking the planning Ministry in Baghdad. You clearly see the impact of the DU and the spray back.